Although without the traditional schooling in art, Guan Fengdong's works in an expressive fashion shows his personality of being sharp, persistent and dashing. At the age of 25 this year, his talent was scouted by Li Xianting, who is the founder of Songzhuang Art Museum, and curated a solo project for Guan called "symbolic survival". This young artist started by painting planes because his family house in Xi'an is close to the airport, and then became indulged in painting about symbols.

In the modern life replete with logo and commercial brands, Guan's paintings capture and reflect our standardized and typified living environments. As commented by Li Xianting, he is driven by “his personality, emotion and ability to cope with monotony”. The way he paints, colors and stylizes is very simple, and it itself stays in a dazzling cycle…His paintings are reflection of his life-a symbolized lifestyle. The black and white cubes seem to be the gazelle roads, and the repetitive steps seem to be the ones he took and is going to take in the future.

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