Unpolluted nature as depicted by the classical artists of China in their ink paintings represents for Koon Wai Bong the pure origin of the art of landscape painting. Using the traditional medium of ink on paper, he reinterprets these ancient landscapes through his re-examining of the contemporary world. The hybridity of his work effectively reconciles Chinese tradition with Western modernism, involving a wide spectrum of processes: from acceptance, adaption, appropriation and application, to revision, resistance and rejection of the Western model. Koon Wai Bong was born in Hong Kong and trained at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where he received his B.A. and M.F.A. Currently teaching at the Academy of Visual Arts at the HK Baptist University, Koon is shortly to be awarded his fine arts doctorate degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Exhibited extensively in Hong Kong, the work of Koon Wai Bong can be found in several collections including the permanent collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. 

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