Lily Karedada is a senior Woonambal woman. She was born in her father's country in the far North Kimberley region. Her family began producing paintings and objects in the mid 1970s. Her husband Louis, his brother Jack, and her sister-in-law Rosie are also established artists.

The key motif in Lily's painting is the Wandjina. The Wandjina is a spirit creature of the sky, often it is a rain spirit and it is taken as the ancestor of the Woonambul people. Ancient paintings of Wandjina can be found in the plateau areas along the North Kimberley coast, painted on rocks and walls of caves. The Wandjina are often painted in a veil of dots, depicting the rain generated by the rain spirit, or the blood and water mix of man and animal. Lily's work utilises intensely pigmented natural ochres, enforcing the fact that her paintings are rooted in the land of the Kimberley region.

Lily's work is included in a number of public collections including the Art Gallery of South Australia, National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and the The Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica, U.S.A. 

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