Frieze OVR Highlights:
Chris Huen Sin Kan

London, 30 September 2020

Simon Lee Gallery showed this Chris Huen Sin Kan painting for Frieze Art Fair 2020 online viewing rooms.

With a style described as 'en plein air—hereto indoor', Chris Huen Sin Kan's paintings consistently feature his dogs, wife, and children in his home and studio in Yuen Long, Hong Kong.

Through his use of diluted oil paints, Huen creates scenes with varying degrees of precision and colour, while his continuous brushstrokes reflect the smoothness of the calligraphic line.

Vibrant and chaotic, yet cohesive and organised, Huen's scenes align with his interest in the 'specious present', a theory first put forward by E.R. Clay to describe the present as being a cumulative experience of many moments.

Speaking to Ocula Magazine Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Bailey in April 2020, Huen noted, 'I selectively depict the more uneventful moments in my daily family life. The less interesting and exciting moments tend to escape our attention'.

Images: Chris Huen Sin Kan, MuiMui, Tess and Joel (2020). Oil on canvas. 220 x 260 cm. Courtesy Simon Lee Gallery.

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