Eleonore Koch at Modern Art and Mendes Wood DM
London, 28 November 2020

Modern Art and Mendes Wood DM have teamed up to produce two concurrent exhibitions by German-Brazilian artist, Eleonore Koch.

Koch studied under Alfredo Volpi in São Paulo but moved to London in 1968, the year this work was painted.

Disenchanted with the strictly abstract style of her Brazilian Constructive contemporaries, Koch found solace in the similarly pared-back figurative work of British artists, such as Patrick Caulfield and David Hockney.

Her paintings are warm, atmospheric spaces that generously allow small detailed objects—or figurative elements—the room to be transformed into strange stand-alone forms floating mysteriously within pools of rich colour.

Magically poetic and eerily dreamlike, these works seem to exist in another time or place.

Main image: Eleonore Koch, Untitled (1968). Tempera on canvas. 59.5 x 82 cm. Courtesy Mendes Wood DM and Modern Art.

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