Who Are the Top Young Artists at Auction in 2021?⁠⁠
London, 12 August 2021

The first half of 2021 has seen great results at auction for young emerging stars with five artists—born after 1980—bringing in over $5M each at auction. ⁠⁠

While the sales of the self-taught Japanese artist Ayako Rokkaku came overwhelmingly from Asia, Matthew Wong, Avery Singer, Salman Toor, and Amoako Baofo have seen a stronger global interest for their works.⁠⁠

Read the full Ocula News article here.

Main image: Ayako Rokkaku, Untitled (ARP21-09) (2021). Acrylic on canvas. 140 x 200 cm. Courtesy KÖNIG GALERIE.⁠⁠

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