Esther Schipper Among KIAF Seoul First-Time Participants
Esther Schipper Among KIAF Seoul First-Time Participants

Angela Bulloch, Four Form Stack: Golden Copper (2019). Courtesy the artist and Esther Schipper, Berlin. Photo: Eberle & Eisfeld.⁠⁠

Korea's largest international art fair, KIAF Seoul, kicks off today. Among international galleries joining for the first time, Esther Schipper presents works by Angela Bulloch, Etienne Chambaud, Simon Fujiwara, Ryan Gander, and more.⁠⁠

The gallery's participation demonstrates faith in Korea's thriving art market. Following presentations of work by David Claerbout at the Busan Museum of Art and solo museum projects by Liam Gillick and Ryan Gander, as well as the gallery's participation in Art Busan, Sunil Kim, Associate Director, Asia at Esther Schipper notes that KIAF Seoul demonstrates an opportunity to 'help create and sustain the most dynamic moment within the history of our local contemporary art scene.'⁠⁠

Next year, KIAF Seoul will join up with Frieze, drawing yet more galleries to the region.

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