Late Artist Etel Adnan Spotlighted at Galerie Lelong & Co.
Late Artist Etel Adnan Spotlighted at Galerie Lelong & Co.

Etel Adnan, Découverte de l'immédiat 34 (2021). Signed and dated on reverse. Oil on canvas. 33 x 24 cm. Courtesy Galerie Lelong & Co.

As Etel Adnan's Guggenheim show closes, Galerie Lelong & Co. offer another opportunity to view the late artist's unflinching work⁠ across their Paris and New York spaces.

In lieu of her characteristically saturated palette, the paintings and leporellos in Discovery of Immediacy are stripped of colour so as to focus on the immediate and the present—all the more moving in light of her impending death a few months later.⁠⁠

Ahead of her inclusion in Art Basel's 2021 show in Basel, Hans Ulrich Obrist interviewed Adnan and her life-long partner Simone Fattal in their Breton retreat where discusses this extraordinary series of ink drawings.

⁠⁠'They are close to me, and I see them with precision, I have found. And I found it interesting—this little worktable had a world. There were hundreds of drawings that came out of this worktable'.⁠⁠

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