Nikki Maloof Refreshes Still Life Painting
Nikki Maloof Refreshes Still Life Painting

Nikki Maloof, Oranges (2021). Oil on linen. 289.5 x 193 cm. Courtesy Sorry We're Closed.

There is a lot going on in this still life by Yale graduate Nikki Maloof.⁠

⁠Warped perspectives, bold patterned tiles and wallpaper, and a strikingly saturated colour palette make for a refreshing take on the still-life genre.

Spatterings of beautiful deep orange—on the crab, fish, decapitated lobster, and oranges—harmoniously bring the painting together.⁠⁠ Measuring nearly three metres in length, the size of the canvas adds to the melodrama of this eccentric scene.

⁠⁠This work is one in a series of paintings and pencil drawings on view at the Brussels-based gallery Sorry We're Closed.⁠⁠

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