Vivian Suter's Painting Takes Over Gladstone's Space
21 July 2022

Vivian Suter's mixed-media paintings are draped around Gladstone Gallery's Seoul space, creating an immersive installation in the modern space.⁠⁠

Finding inspiration in Abstract Expressionism and the natural surroundings of the volcanic lake, Atitlán, near where she lives in the Guatemalan rainforest, Suter brings the country's tropical habitat to the slick, urban setting of Gangnam.⁠⁠

Born to European parents in Buenos Aires just after the Second World War, Suter's family relocated to Basel when she was 13, and she later attended the Kunstgewerbeschule Basel.

About a decade later, she left Basel to travel through Central and North America, eventually setting in Guatemala with her mother, collage artist Elisabeth Wild.

Suter's work has been the focus of many recent gallery and institutional exhibitions, including Karma International in Zurich and Vleeshal in the Netherlands this year. Other major presentations have featured at the Kunstmuseum Luzern and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid in 2021, as well as the Camden Arts Centre in London in 2020.

Images: Exhibition view: Vivian Suter, Gladstone Gallery, Seoul (15 July 2022 –19 August 2022). Courtesy Gladstone Gallery. Photo: Kyung Roh.

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