Art Restoration

Increasingly transported all over the world, artworks unfortunately can suffer damage. In the event of such an occurrence, Ocula Advisory connects professional art restoration and conservation services with our clients. Our art restorers decide the best course of action to ensure that value is preserved and the aesthetic integrity of a work of art is not compromised.

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Restoring damaged artworks requires the utmost skill and expertise. Our art restorers in various cities around the world conduct research and examine the state of each artwork to discern the most appropriate method of conservation in each specific case.

When looking to repair paintings, photographs, textiles, sculpture, and other works of art, the materials, age, and value of objects are taken into account. Techniques used by conservators and restorers differ for an oil or acrylic painting, compared to an artwork on paper or canvas. A good art restorer ensures that the best methodology is applied in each case.

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Private Art Sales

Offering a bespoke and discrete service to help you find, buy and sell art. Learn more about our private art sales services.

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Art Restoration and Conservation

Connecting clients with art restoration and conversation professionals, our trusted relationships offer a valuable service.

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Managing Art as an Asset

Managing your art investment portfolio to ensure you are in the strongest position with regards to building a long term collection of quality is of the utmost importance to us.

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Art Collecting and Curation

Ocula Advisory was established to assist clients to build and manage their art collections, and navigate the art world and its complex protocols. With forty plus years of combined experience and trusted relationships with galleries, auctions houses, art dealers and collectors, we have exceptional access to a wide spectrum of modern and contemporary artworks.

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Identifying Emerging Artists

Ocula Advisory can identify emerging artists to help clients build art collections with new up and coming talent. Driven by a passion for research and discovering new talent in the art world, our experienced advisors bring emerging artists to your attention.

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Photography of Works of Art

Ocula Advisory has connections with photographers who are specialists in the photographic documentation of artworks in major cities around the world. If you require the service of a professional photographer for the purposes of publication, insurance valuation or asset management please contact Ocula Advisory.

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Art Consulting

Ocula Advisory works closely with collectors individually to develop and manage an art collection with an holistic approach. Our team of experts provide collectors with invaluable insights to ensure the right decisions are arrived at when buying and selling.

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Sourcing Artworks

Ocula Advisory researches and sources artworks to realise the collection goals of our clients. This is an especially strong component of our advisory service through our platform. Consequently our art advisors have high level access to source artworks by some of the world's most sought after artists.

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Collection Management

Ocula Advisory can assist in the management of your art collection. From establishing a collection strategy to installation and storage, our team has the depth of expertise and practical experience to offer a turn key service that meets your requirements, whether a new or established art collector.

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