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Contemporary art exhibition, Danie Mellor, The Sun Also Sets at Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
7 August–5 September 2020 Danie Mellor The Sun Also Sets Tolarno GalleriesOnline Only
Contemporary art exhibition, Torkwase Dyson, Studies for Bird and Lava at Pace Gallery, New York
5–16 August 2020 Torkwase Dyson Studies for Bird and Lava Pace GalleryNew York
Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, HOME at Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh
5 August–19 September 2020 Group Exhibition HOME Ingleby GalleryEdinburgh
Contemporary art exhibition, Hassan Hajjaj, A Taste of Things to Come at Barakat Contemporary, Seoul
5 August–27 September 2020 Hassan Hajjaj A Taste of Things to Come Barakat ContemporarySeoul
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Contemporary art exhibition, Lai Chiu-Chen, 99% Unreal at Eli Klein Gallery, New York
4 August–10 October 2020 Lai Chiu-Chen 99% Unreal Eli Klein GalleryNew York
Contemporary art exhibition, Lucía Vidales, To cool the blue at Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film, Tokyo
1–22 August 2020 Lucía Vidales To cool the blue Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / FilmPhotography / Film, Tokyo
Contemporary art exhibition, Shiori Tono, fragments of memory 2 at MAKI, Tokyo
1–29 August 2020 Shiori Tono fragments of memory 2 MAKIOnline Only
Contemporary art exhibition, Yukio Fujimoto, Yukio Fujimoto Sound Album at ShugoArts, Tokyo
1–31 August 2020 Yukio Fujimoto Yukio Fujimoto Sound Album ShugoArtsOnline Only
Contemporary art exhibition, Joshua Lin, Flux of Shadows at TKG+, Taipei
1 August–12 September 2020 Joshua Lin Flux of Shadows TKG+TKG+, Taipei
Contemporary art exhibition, Chi Chien, Landing Place at TKG+ Projects, Taipei
1 August–12 September 2020 Chi Chien Landing Place TKG+ ProjectsTKG+ Projects, Taipei
Contemporary art exhibition, Uwe Kowski, Stille (Silence) at Galerie Eigen + Art, Leipzig
1 August–12 September 2020 Uwe Kowski Stille (Silence) Galerie Eigen + ArtLeipzig
Contemporary art exhibition, aaajiao, 2020 URL is LOVE - A Digital Retrospective at Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing
1 August–31 December 2020 aaajiao 2020 URL is LOVE - A Digital Retrospective Tabula Rasa GalleryBeijing
Contemporary art exhibition, Michael Toenges, New Work at Galerie Albrecht, Berlin
31 July–5 September 2020 Michael Toenges New Work Galerie AlbrechtBerlin
Contemporary art exhibition, Hergé vs. Wim Delvoye @ Knokke at rodolphe janssen, Knokke
30 July–19 August 2020 Hergé vs. Wim Delvoye @ Knokke rodolphe janssenKnokke
Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, Online Viewing Room #3 at Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow
30 July–15 September 2020 Group Exhibition Online Viewing Room #3 Gary Tatintsian GalleryOnline Only
Contemporary art exhibition, Woo Tae Kyung, Painting of Drawings at Gallery Chosun, Seoul
29 July–20 August 2020 Woo Tae Kyung Painting of Drawings Gallery ChosunSeoul
Contemporary art exhibition, Guy Tillim, Hotel Universo at Stevenson, Cape Town
29 July–22 August 2020 Guy Tillim Hotel Universo StevensonCape Town
Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, A Summer Like No Other at Galerie Lelong & Co. New York, New York
29 July–26 August 2020 Group Exhibition A Summer Like No Other Galerie Lelong & Co. New YorkOnline Only
Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, The Mask Project at THK Gallery , Cape Town
29 July–29 August 2020 Group Exhibition The Mask Project THK Gallery Cape Town
Contemporary art exhibition, Alex Hartley, The Houses at Victoria Miro, London
28 July–29 August 2020 Alex Hartley The Houses Victoria MiroOnline Only
Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, Metamorphoses at Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai
27 July–15 October 2020 Group Exhibition Metamorphoses Pearl Lam GalleriesShanghai
Contemporary art exhibition, Fred Sandback, Fred Sandback at Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin
25 July–29 August 2020 Fred Sandback Galerie Thomas SchulteBerlin
Contemporary art exhibition, Jonas Weichsel, Unit at Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin
25 July–29 August 2020 Jonas Weichsel Unit Galerie Thomas SchulteBerlin
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Ocula presents comprehensive online access to its art gallery members' upcoming, current and past contemporary art exhibitions. Visitors gain unique insights into the art exhibitions at top art galleries in Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Middle East and Europe.

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Ocula's art gallery members includes galleries such as Tina Kim Gallery in New York, the Taka Ishii Gallery in Tokyo, David Zwirner and Victoria Miro galleries in London, Simon Lee in London and Hong Kong and Almine Rech in Paris and Brussels. Ocula provides useful information about each gallery's history and past, current and upcoming art exhibitions, artists and artworks.

With a commitment to the exposure of exhibitions at both established and emerging galleries, the exhibitions featured on Ocula are both geographically and thematically expansive, and include photography exhibitions, painting exhibitions and conceptual art exhibitions. Ocula member galleries are found in over 50 cities around the globe and include many of the most prominent art galleries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

Exhibitions are the very vehicle through which art is shared with the world, presenting art in a hybrid public private space, and enabling a dissemination of ideas through those that visit it. An exhibition enables art to be juxtaposed and contextualised thereby also promoting new thoughts that may not have originated with its original making, but now form through the ideas and minds of people who experience it.

The very practice of exhibiting art has a long and fascinating history which is in many ways as relevant to how contemporary art has unfolded. Historically exhibitions have questioned the very nature of art, igniting debate on what art is. Perhaps one of the earliest and most well-known exhibitions to question and protest the process of selection in the exhibition format was in the Salon des Refusés of 1863, which displayed those artworks rejected for the official Salon in the Palais d'Industrie.

The impressionist artists also were able to make their mark by staging art exhibitions outside of the mainstream art institutions, thereby triggering a re-thinking of what art can be. By following exhibition history, a collector or curator (or other art enthusiast) can begin to form a more in-depth understanding of an artist's practice and the gallery's programme.

Many galleries now see their spaces as being absolutely necessary to the need for their artists to exhibit their art and share their ideas, and to this end many museum quality shows take place in galleries today. Some galleries also are beginning to invest in online art exhibitions, and where relevant Ocula works with these galleries to drive attention to such exhibitions too.

There is no better way to experience artwork than in the space the artist selects to show the work in, but where doing so is an impossibility, Ocula provides a possible alternative.


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