Art Paris Art Fair 2016

Art Paris Art Fair is the leading fair for modern and contemporary art held in the spring in Paris which this year brings together 143 galleries from 22 countries. The fair remains true to its concept of “cosmopolitan regionalism” introduced four years ago. In 2016, the fair continues to concentrate on parts of Europe and the singular art scenes of cities like Marseille, Milan and Zurich while also looking further afield to places like Azerbaijan, Colombia, and Iran, and of course Korea, this year’s guest of honour.

Open to all forms of artistic expression including design, Art Paris Art Fair offers an insight into art from the post-war period to the present day while the thematic sections focus more on discovery.

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The invitation of Korea as guest of honour is the last of a trilogy of editions dedicated to exploring the art scenes of the East. This year’s edition was overseen by guest curator Sang-A Chun and is particularly impressive with close to 80 Korean artists on show and a series of side events. It reveals the striking richness of the art scene from “the land of the morning calm,” with work dating back to the 1960s, right up to the present day’s boom in contemporary creativity.

The “Promises” section presents emerging talents from an ever wider range of countries while the “Solo Show” part offers a score of personal exhibitions disseminated throughout the fair, allowing visitors to discover or rediscover the work of modern, contemporary or emerging artists. Digital art is given pride of place with a programme of monumental nighttime projections of work on the colossal façade of the Grand Palais. The “Springtime in Paris” VIP programme for collectors and art professionals offers the best of what is happening on the Paris art scene, highlighting the new cultural landscape of the City of Lights in the 21st Century.

Art Paris Art Fair is pleased to welcome a number of new partners such as Maison Daum which brings a specific exhibition on the theme of street art for which it has collaborated with a number of artists. Also new this year is Bus expo, in partnership with Air France, offering an itinerant exhibition to five of the artists from the Solo Show section of the fair. The objective is to make contemporary art available to the widest possible audience, which resonates with the values of Art Paris Art Fair and its aim of being a spring fair accessible to art lovers from all walks of life.