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Pencil by DRIFT contemporary artwork
DRIFTPencil, 2018Wood, graphite and paint
Bicycle by DRIFT contemporary artwork
DRIFTBicycle, 2018Rubber, polyurethane, steel, aluminium, lacquer paint, acrylonitrile- butadiene-styrene (ABS), polyoxymethylene (POM), gel, stainless steel, polycarbonate, brass, magnet and glass fibre
Calypso by Lynda Benglis contemporary artwork
Lynda BenglisCalypso, 2017Cast pigmented polyurethane
104.1 x 71.1 x 38.1 cm
Wink by Arlene Shechet contemporary artwork
Arlene ShechetWink, 2012Cast pigmented cotton
99.1 x 73.7 x 2.5 cm
Linked Lingam in purple, yellow and green by Loie Hollowell contemporary artwork
Loie HollowellLinked Lingam in purple, yellow and green, 2018Oil paint, acrylic medium, sawdust, and high- density foam on linen mounted on panel
71.1 x 53.3 x 5.1 cm
OK DADA OK BLACK DADA OK (DA DA) by Adam Pendleton contemporary artwork
Adam PendletonOK DADA OK BLACK DADA OK (DA DA), 2018Silkscreen ink and spray paint on canvas
213.4 x 152.4 cm
Furthur, furthur, furthur, furthur, furthur! by William Monk contemporary artwork
William MonkFurthur, furthur, furthur, furthur, furthur!, 2018Oil on canvas
35.6 x 55.9 x 4.4 cm
Drawing (Pins) by Tara Donovan contemporary artwork
Tara DonovanDrawing (Pins), 2017Gatorboard, paint, and nickel-plated steel
91.4 x 91.4 x 7.6 cm
Jaywalk (Anagram) by Robert Rauschenberg contemporary artwork
Robert RauschenbergJaywalk (Anagram), 1996Inkjet dye transfer on paper
149.9 x 111.8 cm
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Maureen Paley

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Me as O’Keeffe by Gillian Wearing contemporary artwork
Gillian WearingMe as O’Keeffe, 2018Framed bromide print
152.4 x 114.5 cm (incl frame)
Silver 180 by Wolfgang Tillmans contemporary artwork
Wolfgang TillmansSilver 180, 2014Inkjet print mounted on Dibond in artist’s frame
245 x 181 cm (incl frame)
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Tina Kim Gallery

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What you see is the unseen / Chandeliers for Five Cities DSR04-D-02 by Kyungah Ham contemporary artwork
Kyungah HamWhat you see is the unseen / Chandeliers for Five Cities DSR04-D-02, 2015North Korean hand embroidery, silk threads on cotton, middle man, anxiety, censorship, ideology, wooden frame, approx. 2100hrs/ 1 person
87 x 126 cm
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Ecriture No. 201-85 by Park Seo-Bo contemporary artwork
Park Seo-BoEcriture No. 201-85, 1985Oil on cotton
150 x 75 cm
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Untitled by Kwon Young-Woo contemporary artwork
Kwon Young-WooUntitled, 1986Gouache, Chinese Ink on Korean paper
121 x 91 cm
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Thomas Dane Gallery

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Untitled (Sun Tunnels, #09) by Luisa Lambri contemporary artwork
Luisa LambriUntitled (Sun Tunnels, #09), 2014Fine Art Pigment print
79 x 64.4 cm
Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas) by John Gerrard contemporary artwork
John GerrardWestern Flag (Spindletop, Texas), 2017Simulation
Essentials by Hurvin Anderson contemporary artwork
Hurvin AndersonEssentials, 2017Acrylic on paper, triptych, framed
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Sprüth Magers

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Blue Laments Arno and Amber Truisms Living by Jenny Holzer contemporary artwork
Jenny HolzerBlue Laments Arno and Amber Truisms Living, 2008Curved LED signs with blue and amber diodes
Damage is done by the tacit understanding... by Jenny Holzer contemporary artwork
Jenny HolzerDamage is done by the tacit understanding..., 1981Text: 'Living' (1980–1982); text on cast bronze plaque
15.2 x 24.1 cm
Measure for Measure 25 by Bridget Riley contemporary artwork
Bridget RileyMeasure for Measure 25, 2018Acrylic on canvas
156 x 156 cm
Tiffany on the way to ballet class in January by Karen Kilimnik contemporary artwork
Karen KilimnikTiffany on the way to ballet class in January, 2011Water soluble oil colour on canvas
35.6 x 27.9 cm
Blossom by Senga Nengudi contemporary artwork
Senga NengudiBlossom, 2014Nylon mesh and metal
184 x 26 x 19 cm
Studio performance with R.S.V.P. by Senga Nengudi contemporary artwork
Senga NengudiStudio performance with R.S.V.P., 1976Silver gelatin print
73.7 x 101.6 cm
Untitled #595 by Cindy Sherman contemporary artwork
Cindy ShermanUntitled #595, 2016/2018Dye sublimation metal print
168.9 x 226.1 cm
American Honey by Lizzie Fitch / Ryan Trecartin contemporary artwork
Lizzie Fitch / Ryan TrecartinAmerican Honey, 201586 x 69 x 81 cm Enquire
Woven Grid as Warp and Weft, 40 x 40 (White) #2 by Analia Saban contemporary artwork
Analia SabanWoven Grid as Warp and Weft, 40 x 40 (White) #2, 2019Woven acrylic paint and linen thread
99.7 x 99.7 x 5.7 cm
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