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Sharjah Biennial 14: Leaving the Echo Chamber Ocula Report Sharjah Biennial 14: Leaving the Echo Chamber 15 Mar 2019 : Stephanie Bailey for Ocula

In Meiro Koizumi's three-channel video installation, The Angels of Testimony (2019), the central frame features an interview with Hajime Kondo about his time as a solider of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War. The conversation centres on war crimes perpetrated in China, including the beheading of Chinese prisoners for...

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Diana Campbell Betancourt Ocula Conversation Diana Campbell Betancourt

Diana Campbell Betancourt is a curator working predominantly across South and Southeast Asia. Since 2013 she has been the founding artistic director of the Samdani Art Foundation and chief curator of the Dhaka Art Summit in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a transnational art event that has grown in size and scale ever since its first edition in 2012. Backed by...

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Chinternet Ugly at Manchester’s Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art Ocula Report Chinternet Ugly at Manchester’s Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art 7 Mar 2019 : Mike Pinnington for Ocula

China, home to 802 million internet users, is subject to sophisticated online censorship. This shrouded state of affairs, unsurprisingly perhaps, serves to reinforce stereotypes around conformity elsewhere. Any realm, digital or otherwise, subject to such strict scrutiny must necessarily be bland and uncritical, right? I was mulling over such...

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Tina Kim Gallery

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Kukje Gallery

Some Works Shown
Untitled by  contemporary artwork Untitled, 1989 Gouache, Chinese ink on Korean paper
25.39 x 21.65 cm
Untitled by  contemporary artwork Untitled, 1984 Gouache, Chinese ink on Korean paper
162 x 130 cm
Julia's Pink by Ghada Amer contemporary artwork Ghada AmerJulia's Pink, 2005 Acrylic, embroidery and gel on canvas
162.9 x 193.4 cm
Paradise in Black by Ghada Amer contemporary artwork Ghada AmerParadise in Black, 2015 Ceramis
50.8 x 53.3 x 68.6 cm
The Girl in the Box by Ghada Amer contemporary artwork Ghada AmerThe Girl in the Box, 2015 Ceramics
53.3 x 45.7 x 61 cm
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Victoria Miro

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Tropicália by Wangechi Mutu contemporary artwork Wangechi MutuTropicália, 2015 Collage on vinyl
90.2 x 105.4 cm
Model for a Poem in Rhyme by Sarah Sze contemporary artwork Sarah SzeModel for a Poem in Rhyme, 2015 Mixed media
181.6 x 116.8 x 35.6 cm
Echo (Stones Against Diamonds) by Isaac Julien contemporary artwork Isaac JulienEcho (Stones Against Diamonds), 2015 Duratrans image in lightbox
120 x 120 cm
Red Cape by Chantal Joffe contemporary artwork Chantal JoffeRed Cape, 2014 Oil on board
224.5 x 183.4 x 6 cm
Norma by Kara Walker contemporary artwork Kara WalkerNorma, 2015 Graphite on paper
30.9 x 38.1 cm
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Galerie Lelong & Co. New York

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Releasing a seagull, Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, November 1976 by Andy Goldsworthy contemporary artwork Andy GoldsworthyReleasing a seagull, Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, November 1976, 1976-2016 Archival inkjet print
34 x 50 cm
Butterfly by Ana Mendieta contemporary artwork Ana MendietaButterfly, 1975 Super-8mm film transferred to high-definition digital media, colour, silent, 3 mins 19 secs
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Galerie Eva Presenhuber

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Toddler in the Wild by Michael Williams contemporary artwork Michael WilliamsToddler in the Wild, 2015 Airbrush, oil and inkjet on canvas
195.5 x 239 cm
A System in Terminal Decline by Sue Williams contemporary artwork Sue WilliamsA System in Terminal Decline, 2010 Oil and acrylic on canvas
183 x 213.5 cm
Why look, when you can see? by Henry Taylor contemporary artwork Henry TaylorWhy look, when you can see?, 2014-16 Acrylic on canvas
177.5 x 150 cm
Untitled (circles) by Tobias Pils contemporary artwork Tobias PilsUntitled (circles), 2015 Mixed media on canvas
200 x 283 cm
China plates in France by Karen Kilimnik contemporary artwork Karen KilimnikChina plates in France, 2012 Water soluble oil color on canvas
35.5 x 45.5 x 2.5 cm
Oh Hollywood by Sam Falls contemporary artwork Sam FallsOh Hollywood, 2016 Pastel on archival pigment print
152.5 x 137 cm
Derive 47 by Latifa Echakhch contemporary artwork Latifa EchakhchDerive 47, 2015 Acrylic paint, canvas
200 x 150 x 2.5 cm
Setting off by Verne Dawson contemporary artwork Verne DawsonSetting off, 2015 Oil on canvas
24 x 32 cm
Mario by Valentin Carron contemporary artwork Valentin CarronMario, 2013 Glass, acrylic, lacquer, 2 parts
18 x 63.5 x 38 cm
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Ben Brown Fine Arts

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Untitled by Djamel Tatah contemporary artwork Djamel TatahUntitled, 2015 Oil and wax on canvas
80 x 60 cm
Self Portrait (PC1215) by Tony Bevan contemporary artwork Tony BevanSelf Portrait (PC1215), 2012 Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
88.9 x 114.9 cm
Blo-Void 4 by Ron Arad contemporary artwork Ron AradBlo-Void 4, 2006 Anodised and polished aluminium, woven aluminium mesh
120 x 202 x 45 cm
On Reflection, Virtual E03 by Ori Gersht contemporary artwork Ori GershtOn Reflection, Virtual E03, 2014 Light Jet print
184 x 185.5 cm
Teresa Giancarlo Carlotta Beatrice by Alighiero Boetti contemporary artwork Alighiero BoettiTeresa Giancarlo Carlotta Beatrice, 1977 Ballpoint pen on paper laid down on canvas
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