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Ocula ReportThe Lowdown: shows to see during Gallery Weekend Beijing16 Mar 2018 : Li Bowen for Ocula{{document.location.href}}
To coincide with the second edition of Gallery Weekend Beijing, taking place between 23 and 30 March 2018, various institutions have brought out the big guns, including a list of international artists from Sarah Morris to Paul McCarthy. Galleries are also gearing up for the weekend, from Liu Wei showing at Long March Space, to Richard Deacon at...
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Ocula ConversationHe XiangyuArtist, China{{document.location.href}}
He Xiangyu's second solo exhibition, Evidence, at White Cube gallery's Bermondsey space in London (7 February–8 April 2018) is somewhat different from the artist's first exhibition with the gallery in 2014 (He Xiangyu: Inside the White Cube, 22 January–13 April 2014). Gone is the crystallised residue of 127 tonnes of Coca-Cola that the artist...
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Ocula ReportSnowed Under: Armory Week 201816 Mar 2018 : Kat Herriman for Ocula{{document.location.href}}
At the opening of the seventh edition of the Spring/Break Art Show (6–12 March 2018), people were already talking about the blizzard. The neon lights glaring through the windows at number 4 Times Square gave the former floors of Condé Nast an atmosphere of urgency. The exhibition platform, which hosts curator-led projects, seemed as guerilla as its...
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Andrew Browne works primarily in painting, but also in photographic mediums including both digital and more traditional forms such as photogravure and lithography. Since the late 1980’s he has investigated the landscape, both natural and man-made, as a motif in his work with a particular interest in representing observed phenomena that deals with illumination and the poetics of the nocturne, evoking the uncanny and the surreal. The work treads a fine line between realism and abstraction, taking into account the formal lessons of modernism, and often seek to insert the artificial into the natural world. Whilst his photographs generally deal with an intuitive and direct response to both man-made and natural phenomena in the landscape, his paintings emerge out of a more complex series of relationships that encompass the photographic, the historical parameters of landscape painting, ongoing issues dealing with technological and social change and our at times ambiguous and contradictory place within our evolving environment.

His works have been variously described as romantic, cool, eerie and spectral in quality, uncanny, iconic and emblematic, odd and engaging. They have been identified as essentially psychic landscapes of apprehension but also of giving the impression of realism while using, ostensibly, the language of abstraction. The artist has in the past referred to his "interest in creating an interpretive and introspective space via an engagement with a lived experience of the contemporary landscape".... "....increasingly though, I am concerned with the direct psychological impact of particular images, both in the paintings — which have become more stylized and suggestive, anthropomorphic and surreal — and the photographs, where at times clarity, crisp focus and the overly descriptive have been jettisoned in favor of a reductive palette, suppressed detail and blurred form."

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