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b. 1984, SAR, China

Firenze Lai Biography

Firenze Lai, born in Hong Kong in 1984. She graduated from Hong Kong Art School with a focus in painting. She currently works and lives in Hong Kong.

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Space and context are two fundamental concerns when I paint these “situation portraits”, I always wonder how oneself adapts the mind and the body in different circumstances: I think, may be, sometimes that could be conscious but sometimes not. We may all experience instances with a blank mind, or paradoxical moments, which reveal the conditions of how individuals get along with themselves, sharing similarities and differences.  I oftentimes develop a strong sense of involvement when I paint – perhaps, what you had been through or had done are what I am experiencing now, same situation we shared happened in different time-space.

Firenze Lai Featured Artworks

Information Center by Firenze Lai contemporary artwork painting
Firenze LaiInformation Center, 2018
Not for sale
Para Site
Contour and Boundary by Firenze Lai contemporary artwork works on paper
Firenze LaiContour and Boundary, 2018Graphite on paper
41 x 31 cm
Not for sale
Para Site

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