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Taloi Havini: Reclaiming Space and History Latest Ocula Conversation
In Partnership with Artspace Sydney
Taloi Havini: Reclaiming Space and History By Ruth McDougall, Sydney

Artist Taloi Havini and Ruth McDougall, curator of Pacific art at Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, discuss Havini's first Australian solo exhibition, Reclamation .

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Armory Week Lowdown: Art Shows to See Ocula Report Armory Week Lowdown: Art Shows to See By Casey Carsel, New York

After structural issues forced The Armory Show into last-minute relocation pirouettes last year, the fair returns between 5 and 8 March 2020 with a flourishing programme, complemented by stand-out shows across New York City.

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Ella Kruglyanskaya Steals from Art History, Takes Back Gaze Ocula Insight Ella Kruglyanskaya Steals from Art History, Takes Back Gaze By Tessa Moldan, London

For her second solo exhibition at Thomas Dane Gallery in London, Ella Kruglyanskaya's compositions signal the many possibilities of paint.

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Kang Hyungkoo Biography

Kang Hyung-koo's hyper-realistic portraits of famou people such as Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol and Audrey Hepburn are actually works of composite-realism rather than photo-realism. Kang belives that simply reproducing and duplcating photographs diminishes the value of painting. Instead, the artist's hyper-realistic technique allows for delicate expressions that cannot be captured in a photograph, such as strands of hair and wrinkles. Through this detailed portrayal that is more real than what can be revealed through a photograph, the artist blows life into the canvas. Rather than dealing with the issue of the surface, the Kang's dramatic images psychologically overwhelm and stimulate the viewer through powerful colors and recurring visual distortions. His works are drenched with compassion for the strongwilled figures who have fought through the harships of life and histoty. The deep eyes of the subjects in Kang's portraits gracefully reveal their inner worlds and the trace of time they have lived through.

Kang Hyungkoo Featured Artworks

Tears in Monroe by Kang Hyungkoo contemporary artwork
Kang HyungkooTears in Monroe, 2017Oil on canvas
140 x 200 cm
Arario Gallery Enquire about this work

Kang Hyungkoo Represented By

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