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b. 1985, Netherlands

Levi Van Veluw Biography

Levi Van Veluw has been fascinated with the church and its rituals since his early youth. Not only the complexity, conviction and certainty with which the faith was proclaimed in his congregation and the stark visual language of its practice made him sensitive to the visual vernacular of religious seduction. Yet also modern spiritual movements, such as the well-known Church of Scientology, that use religious symbols in a convincing manner, intrigue him as well. Throughout the ages, in cultures around the world, religion has played an important role in the development of art, architecture and storytelling. Even if spiritually is ultimately immaterial, most people practice their faith in places of worship, and make use of sacred objects and perform sacred rituals. Van Veluw has meticulously studied the rich formal language and power of imagination that is used to lead people to religious faith.

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Within this research, he is particularly interested in the aspects of the religious process. He chooses explores how the various faiths operate in the mind of the faithful through form and image. Similarly he investigates whether he, as an artist, is capable of provoking a convincing spiritual experience in the visitor. Through the use of light, symmetry and harmony— often utilized to depict the pursuit of divine perfection—as well as forms reminiscent of altars, idols and temples, he manages to evoke a sacral experience. The experience of walking into his installations resembles that of treading on holy ground.

Levi Van Veluw (b. 1985, Hoevelaken, Netherlands) currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

He studied at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. Since graduating in 2007, Levi van Veluw has produced multi-disciplinary works that includes photographs, videos, sculptures, installations and drawings. In 2010, the work of the artist was showcased in a series of major museum exhibitions, including the exhibition "Dead or Alive" at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, Marres House for Contemporary Culture Maastricht and Ars Electronica in Linz. 2013 saw the publication of the book "Origin of the Beginning". In 2017 his works were exhibited in the Kranenburgh Museum in Bergen and the Domain de Kerguéhennec in Bignan. In the summer of 2019 he realised a site-specific installation titled 'Sanctum' for the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio in Tuscany, Italy.

Levi Van Veluw Featured Artworks

Covered circle by Levi Van Veluw contemporary artwork painting, works on paper
Levi Van VeluwCovered circle, 2020Acrylic on hahnemuhle paper
65 x 96.5 cm
rosenfeld Contact Gallery
Intersected Landscape by Levi Van Veluw contemporary artwork works on paper, drawing
Levi Van VeluwIntersected Landscape, 2016Charcoal on paper
120 x 205 cm
rosenfeld Contact Gallery
Sanctum by Levi Van Veluw contemporary artwork painting, sculpture
Levi Van VeluwSanctum, 2017Magnolia wood, cobalt ink
85 x 58 cm
rosenfeld Contact Gallery
Irregularity of Depth II by Levi Van Veluw contemporary artwork painting, sculpture
Levi Van VeluwIrregularity of Depth II, 2017Walnut wood, black ink
100 x 80 x 8.5 cm
rosenfeld Contact Gallery
A Grid for Guidance I by Levi Van Veluw contemporary artwork painting, sculpture
Levi Van VeluwA Grid for Guidance I, 2016Walnut wood, black ink
150 x 60 x 7 cm
rosenfeld Contact Gallery

Levi Van Veluw Recent Exhibitions

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rosenfeld contemporary art gallery in London, United Kingdom rosenfeld London
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