Michael Chow, A.K.A. Yinghua, was born in Shanghai China 1939. Son of the famed master of Beijing Opera, Zhou Xinfang, Yinghua was born into a family of theater. At the age of 13, he traveled to England to study art and architecture at St Martins School of Art and the Hammersmith School of Art and Building (now Chelsea School of Art), respectively.

After a decade as a young painter, Yinghua found that neither he nor the world was quite ready to share in his gifts and so took a short hiatus to collect his thoughts. Nearly half a century later in 2011, Yinghua returned to his true passion, with the enthusiasm of his youth and the wisdom of his age.

In June 2012, lightning struck in the form of pure silver. Precious metal tiles simultaneously stretched, welded, painted and sculpted create 3 dimensional paintings that shift and change at every angle. His mixed media pieces, where precious metal is juxtaposed with trash, forces the viewer to reassess preconceptions about what is precious and what is thrown away. For Yinghua, the act of painting is an internal desire to channel the chaos and harmony of nature in order to achieve clarity. It only took a moment and a lifetime.

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