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b. 1970, USA

Pieter Schoolwerth Biography

Pieter Schoolwerth's vivid multimedia paintings, collages and wooden reliefs create complex figurative scenes that analogise how technology, or other 'forces of abstraction', as he calls them, produce the world we live in. He is specifically interested in how these elements affect the interpersonal communication and atomised social relations of contemporary society. Schoolwerth investigates the split between material substance and the virtual space: he says of his work that it functions in the space between things, genders, species, and also between physical and conceptual space.

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His elaborate production process combines sculpture, photography and painting and moves between digital and handmade modes. Photographs of live models and objects form the compositional base of his work. From these photographs, Schoolwerth creates hand-cut three-dimensional foam-core models, only for these assembled scenes to be photographed again and digitally manipulated and edited. This image is printed onto canvas and finally, painted over with oil pigments, adding details and texture. The end product is a dazzling, multidimensional scene, at once playful but also profoundly disorienting and illusory. The artist uses the term 'reverse cubism' to describe his work: a way of representing multiple objects from a single point in time, and again an analogy for the simultaneity and fast-paced movement of the digital age.

Pieter Schoolwerth received his BFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 1994 and has since then been active across several artistic mediums including film, music, photography, painting and sculpture. In 2020 he will have a solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Hannover, Germany. Schoolwerth has shown at many other institutions, among others at FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art, Whitney Museum of American Art and Museum of Modern Art, both in New York, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach and Centre Pompidou, Paris. His work can also be found in the public collections of the Denver Art Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Orange County Museum of Art, and the Phoenix Art Museum.

Text courtesy Capitain Petzel.

Pieter Schoolwerth Featured Artworks

Model for “Behavioral Surplus Capture” by Pieter Schoolwerth contemporary artwork sculpture
Pieter SchoolwerthModel for “Behavioral Surplus Capture”, 2019Oil, acrylic, inkjet and mixed media on foamcore
261.6 x 180.3 x 96.5 cm
MEYER KAINER Contact Gallery
Shifted Sims #21 (Dissociative Identity Disorder Custom Trait) by Pieter Schoolwerth contemporary artwork painting
Pieter SchoolwerthShifted Sims #21 (Dissociative Identity Disorder Custom Trait), 2020Oil, acrylic and inkjet on canvas
137 x 197 cm
Capitain Petzel Enquire
Random Winner by Pieter Schoolwerth contemporary artwork painting
Pieter SchoolwerthRandom Winner, 2019Oil, acrylic, inkjet on canvas
193 x 147.3 cm
Capitain Petzel Enquire
Invisible Social Vandalism #2 by Pieter Schoolwerth contemporary artwork painting
Pieter SchoolwerthInvisible Social Vandalism #2, 2018Oil, acrylic, and giclée print on canvas
210.8 x 182.9 cm
Capitain Petzel Enquire
Get in Here #1 by Pieter Schoolwerth contemporary artwork painting, print
Pieter SchoolwerthGet in Here #1, 2018Oil, acrylic, and giclée print on canvas
248.9 x 182.9 cm
Capitain Petzel Enquire

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