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b. 1979, China

Wang Sishun Biography

Wang Sishun works primarily in video, sculpture and installation. Drawing upon his daily encounters, the artist isolates moments into quietly poetic gestures that evoke sensory responses. Highly conceptual in his thinking, Wang's works often remakes readymades into elusive things, or dismantles objects into their physical properties. In doing so he reveals the mutually dependent relationship between symbolic and literal meaning. This is also evident in the titles he givies to his works. Dreams and desires form a locus of this work, indicating a direction, yet the corporeal nature of his oeuvre is always foremost. In The Wrong Body 2, Wang chews a piece of gold into a human form. As Azure Wu notes, Wang "seems to mix a hallucinogenic cocktail. Into cold metal, he infused body heat; into a symbol of wealth and power, shades of religion." Like many of his other works, The Wrong Body 2 invokes an alchemical process, moving agilely between materiality, social meaning and psychological states.

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Wang Sishun obtained a Master in Sculpture from CFCA. He is currently living in Beijing. Recent solo exhibitions include Truth, 2014, at MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai; The Indeterminate Boundless, 2013, at Goethe Open Space, Shanghai; Back, 2013, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna; and Liminal Space, 2012, Long March Space, Beijing.

Wang Sishun Featured Artworks

Apocalypse 17.3.12 by Wang Sishun contemporary artwork
Wang SishunApocalypse 17.3.12, 2020Acrylic on canvas
100 x 84 cm
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Wang Sishun Recent Exhibitions

Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, Force Majeure at Eli Klein Gallery, New York
18 January–18 March 2020 Group Exhibition Force Majeure Eli Klein Gallery, New York

Wang Sishun In Ocula Magazine

Thirteen Artists Interpret Force Majeure in New York Ocula Insight Thirteen Artists Interpret Force Majeure in New York By Sherry Paik, New York

Thirteen artists from China respond to the French term force majeure at Eli Klein Gallery in New York, which has two definitions: 'superior strength', and 'unforeseen circumstances that release parties from a contract'.

Fade out copy.
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