Taku Anekawa Biography

Taku Anekawa is an artist who works with yarn. He makes graphic art by hand drawing or silkscreening onto canvas and then embroiders over the image with yarn. His embroidery is intuitive, unlike traditional embroidery, his Yarn is entangled and weaves in and out of the canvas. He expresses impulses from deep within his mind through the embroidered yarn. Anekawa aims to search for the very nature of the existence of the yarn itself. Yarn is a very familiar material to all of us and is used for everyday purposes: sewing cloth, embroidering, and tying. Anekawa questions whether the true fascination of yarn has been revealed. He is attracted to the very existence of yarn itself and he believes that there must be a way of expression that uncovers the inherent nature of yarn.

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Since Anekawa started to create yarn art works in 2004, he has regularly presented his work to the public. Holding solo exhibitions and participating in group exhibitions in Japan and overseas, he has also  collaborated with fashion brands for live production performances, and held exhibitions at the brand's shops. His work has been published in various magazines. And as a representative of a design company, Anekawa works on art direction, planning and illustration. 

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