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b. 1973, China

Xiang Liqing Biography

In a series of photographs entitled Rock Never (2001), Xiang Liquing presents a reaction to changes brought on by the transformation of space and its potential uses in the metropolis. Today, rigid high-rises have pushed horizontally structured communities into vertical organization of order and control. Xiang Liquing’s photographic images with their grid-like facades of contemporary residential buildings scrutinize these symbols of architectural master planning. Yet, the strength of this work rests on its ambivalence: as one reads the pictures closely, one reaches the understanding that all individual, but similar, apartments serve as habitats for real people – the image shows the dichotomy between the public masses and private space. Architecture is presented as a carrier of social desire, in this case, the fantasy that collective residential architecture will lead to happiness regardless of whether individual needs are addressed. Despite the attempted leveling out of differences and the claustrophobic staging of the failures of the system, the work becomes paradoxically exhilarating. Focusing on the theme of sameness and difference, his recent series of photographs The Second Generation (2005) show the remarkable distinction between two people from the same family, only one generation apart, but belonging to and representing entirely different universes.

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In addition to photography, Xiang Liquing also works with painting and sculpture. His abstract paintings express the same loss of center as his photograph series of nightmarish architecture. Within his paintings, no immediate or recognizable point of reference can be identified. His colorful composites may have dark and uncomfortable passages, but they are ultimately quiet celebrations of life.

Xiang Liquing was born in Zhejiang province in 1973. Today he lives and works in Shanghai. Xiang Liquing has exhibited widely in China and internationally. His recent exhibitions include Night Tales, Xiang Liqing solo exhibition, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai(2011); Shanghai History in Making from 1979 till 2009, Shanghai(2009); Relations, Xiangliqing Solo Exhibition, Paul Frèches Gallery, Paris, France (2008); The World of Other's: A Contemporary Art Exhibition, Museum of Contemportary Art, Shanghai(2008); China Contemporary , Architecture, Art and Visual Culture, Netherlands Architecture Institute; Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen; Netherlands fotomuseum, The Netherlands (2006) and Restless, Photography and New Media, Museum of Contemporary ArtShanghai(2006).

Xiang Liqing Featured Artworks

Offer you by Xiang Liqing contemporary artwork photography
Xiang LiqingOffer you, 2005Color chromogenic print
39 x 110 x 5 cm
ShanghART Contact Gallery
Blot Out by Xiang Liqing contemporary artwork painting
Xiang LiqingBlot Out, 2013Acrylic on canvas
30 x 45 cm
ShanghART Contact Gallery
Untitled by Xiang Liqing contemporary artwork painting
Xiang LiqingUntitled, 1999Oil on canvas
97 x 130 cm
ShanghART Contact Gallery
Line by Xiang Liqing contemporary artwork sculpture
Xiang LiqingLine, 2010Stone, cotton, acrylic,
ShanghART Contact Gallery
Self-dyed - MOCA 4 by Xiang Liqing contemporary artwork sculpture
Xiang LiqingSelf-dyed - MOCA 4, 2007Cotton thread, acrylic and resin, hand dyeing
120 x 120 x 120 cm
ShanghART Contact Gallery
Uneven Rock 4 by Xiang Liqing contemporary artwork sculpture
Xiang LiqingUneven Rock 4, 2007Marble
30 x 30 x 40 cm
ShanghART Contact Gallery
Painted I by Xiang Liqing contemporary artwork painting
Xiang LiqingPainted I, 2012Acrylic on canvas
132 x 202 x 6.2 cm
ShanghART Contact Gallery

Xiang Liqing Recent Exhibitions

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ShanghART contemporary art gallery in Singapore ShanghART Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore
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