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58th Venice Biennale: May You Live In Interesting Times Ocula Report 58th Venice Biennale: May You Live In Interesting Times 24 May 2019 : Mohammad Salemy for Ocula

The 58th Venice Biennale, May You Live In Interesting Times (11 May–24 November 2019), certainly benefitted from low expectations, given the lacklustre curatorial of the previous edition, when different segments of the show were conceptually framed with titles like 'Pavilion of Joys and Fears' and 'Pavilion of Colours'. Add to this the...

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Zheng Bo Ocula Conversation Zheng Bo

Hong Kong-based artist Zheng Bo's social, ecological, and community-engaged art practice has, in recent years, focused on moving beyond a human-centred perspective to an all-inclusive, multi-species approach. He takes up marginalised plants and communities of people as subjects in his large-scale interventions, which reintroduce wildness into...

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Auckland Art Fair 2019: Conversations Extended Ocula Report Auckland Art Fair 2019: Conversations Extended 24 May 2019 : Sherry Paik for Ocula

The weather was clement for the annual Auckland Art Fair (2–5 May 2019), which was again at The Cloud on Queens Wharf. This year's edition was a get-together of 41 galleries, mostly from around Auckland and across New Zealand, with 5 spaces hailing from Sydney and the rest from Cook Islands (Bergman Gallery), Hobart (Michael Bugelli Gallery),...

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Klaus Biesenbach recalls the founding of KW in Berlin 25 years ago, a moment of 'radical change and freedom'

Klaus Biesenbach ARTnews First published on 25 November 2016
Exterior view of KW, spring 1991, Berlin. Photo: Alfonso Rutigliano, courtesy of Sabine Hornig. 

In late November 1989 I came to Berlin. I had spent the summer in New York, staying with a friend who at the time was the editor of an international magazine. On her cable TV and in the many different newspapers she had at her home on the Upper West Side, I had seen and read about an autumn full of demonstrations in East Germany, embassies taken over in Budapest and Prague, unrest in Berlin and Leipzig—it was clear I had to go back to Germany.

I was trying to figure out what to do with my life, and could not continue trying to orient myself in New York, a city that offered nearly too many competing opportunities.

Born in West Germany, I had grown up in an atmosphere that was still highly influenced by the postwar need, re-democratization, and Cold War turmoil, in which the bloc system was a brutal reality, and East and West were unchangeably separated and threatening each other with nuclear wipeout. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a historic moment I could not allow myself to miss. 

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