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The Antmaster by Gil Kuno contemporary artwork installation, moving image, moving image
Gil Kuno The Antmaster, 2022 Video installation with audio, acrylic, glass
√K Contemporary Contact Gallery
Deep Simulator by aaajiao contemporary artwork moving image
aaajiao Deep Simulator, 2020 Video game (stills)
Tabula Rasa Gallery Enquire
The Mistake on the Sea by Chih-Chung Chang contemporary artwork sculpture, print, installation, moving image
Chih-Chung Chang The Mistake on the Sea, 2020 Installation, drawings, images, sound, printed materials
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
The Path of Totality by Paloma Polo contemporary artwork moving image
Paloma Polo The Path of Totality, 2010 Projection of 79 slides
Sabrina Amrani Contact Gallery
Swamp Intelligence (installation view) by Nomeda & Gedminas Urbonas contemporary artwork sculpture, moving image
Nomeda & Gedminas Urbonas Swamp Intelligence (installation view), 2018–2020 AI installation, sngan_projection, diorama. AI Programer: Jonas Kubilius
205 x 40 x 242 cm
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Present Continuous by Thukral & Tagra contemporary artwork moving image
Thukral & Tagra Present Continuous, 2017 Film projection (20 min)
Pearl Lam Galleries Contact Gallery
Smoking Moon by David Austen contemporary artwork moving image
David Austen Smoking Moon, 2006 Film, DVD projection, 13 minutes
Ingleby Contact Gallery
The Scene at the Train Station by Boo Junfeng contemporary artwork moving image
Boo Junfeng The Scene at the Train Station, 2016 Three-channel projection, 12'40"
Pearl Lam Galleries Contact Gallery
The Kid Who LOved Being Bored by Mario Garcia Torres contemporary artwork moving image
Mario Garcia Torres The Kid Who LOved Being Bored, 2012 A slide show projection
Variable dimensions
Taka Ishii Gallery Contact Gallery
Choice by Xin Yunpeng contemporary artwork moving image
Xin Yunpeng Choice, 2018 Duo-channel video projection Dimensions variable, 05'44"
de Sarthe Contact Gallery
Florence by Beryl Korot contemporary artwork sculpture, moving image
Beryl Korot Florence, 2008 Video projection and sound; 10 mins, 30 secs
Valletta Contemporary Contact Gallery
Infinite by Yiyun Kang contemporary artwork moving image
Yiyun Kang Infinite, 2021 Moving projection installation, 1.5m diameter rotating object, motor, projector, computer, duration: 1' 45"
PKM Gallery Enquire
MARE MAGNVM by Edison Peñafiel contemporary artwork installation, moving image
Edison Peñafiel MARE MAGNVM, 2021 12 channel video installation
Sabrina Amrani Contact Gallery
Daydreaming by Sea of Japan by Frank Tang Kai-Yiu contemporary artwork painting, moving image
Frank Tang Kai-Yiu Daydreaming by Sea of Japan, 2017 Ink on silk curtain, arduino controlled motor, video projection, 8 mins
195 x 300 x 12 cm
Tang Contemporary Art Contact Gallery
The Caucus Race by Diana Thater contemporary artwork installation, moving image
Diana Thater The Caucus Race, 1998 Installation for 2 projectors, 4 monitors, and 6 media players
David Zwirner Contact Gallery
Who’s Childhood? by Simon Fujiwara contemporary artwork sculpture, moving image
Simon Fujiwara Who’s Childhood?, 2021 Sculptural video installation (cardboard, electrical tape, Plexiglas, antique tripod, projector, projection screen)
164 x 73 x 73 cm
Esther Schipper Contact Gallery
A song sang to gather by Heaven Baek contemporary artwork moving image
Heaven Baek A song sang to gather, 2017 Single-channel video projection
Arario Gallery Contact Gallery
# 623 e-constellations by Tomas Schmit contemporary artwork moving image
Tomas Schmit # 623 e-constellations, 28.08.2004 DVD, 25 min. loop, colour, english audio
Barbara Wien Contact Gallery
Arcadia by Charles Sandison contemporary artwork sculpture, moving image
Charles Sandison Arcadia, 2021 Multi Channel data projection installation, computers, C++ code

The Reader 2 by Charles Sandison contemporary artwork installation, moving image
Charles Sandison The Reader 2, 2020 2 channel 70” HD screen, computer, C++ code. Dimensions variable
HdM GALLERY Contact Gallery
Présage by Hicham Berrada contemporary artwork mixed media, moving image
Hicham Berrada Présage, 2020 Video installation, 10 mins 11 secs, dimensions variable
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Dive-In by Superflex contemporary artwork moving image
Superflex Dive-In, 2019 Installation for Desert X, Coachella Valley, 2019
Kukje Gallery Contact Gallery
Tierra rojiza y suelta by Julia Llerena contemporary artwork sculpture, moving image
Julia Llerena Tierra rojiza y suelta, 2020 Cables, wood, projection, glass, plastic, iron
Sabrina Amrani Contact Gallery
Physical Education by Aviva Rahmani contemporary artwork sculpture, moving image
Aviva Rahmani Physical Education, 1973 Performance documentation, slide projection
Thomas Erben Gallery Contact Gallery
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