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Geomart-ut6 by Selçuk Artut contemporary artwork moving image
Selçuk Artut Geomart-ut6, 2022 Three-channel video embed, self-generating, custom-developed software. Video; 1920 x 1080px.
Zilberman Gallery Enquire
Exergie - Butter Dance by Melati Suryodarmo contemporary artwork moving image
Melati Suryodarmo Exergie - Butter Dance, 2000 (Year of Documentation) Single-channel video, Performance
ShanghART Contact Gallery
Heartbeat: Nocturnal Animals by Xiaoyi Chen contemporary artwork moving image
Xiaoyi Chen Heartbeat: Nocturnal Animals, 2021 Infrared photography, video installation
A Thousand Plateaus Art Space Contact Gallery
Warm-Ups by Allan Kaprow Estate contemporary artwork photography, moving image
Allan Kaprow Estate Warm-Ups, 1975 16 mm film transferred to video on DVD, colour, sound
Hauser & Wirth Enquire
Haze by Gil Kuno contemporary artwork moving image
Gil Kuno Haze, 2022 Video and sound installation
√K Contemporary Contact Gallery
Market by Lee Jungmin contemporary artwork moving image
Lee Jungmin Market, 2007 (retouched in 2022) MS Powerpoint
G Gallery Contact Gallery
Lacuna by Hsu Che-Yu contemporary artwork moving image
Hsu Che-Yu Lacuna, 2018 Single-channel video installation
Liang Gallery Contact Gallery
For Ornamental Purposes by Astria Suparak contemporary artwork moving image
Astria Suparak For Ornamental Purposes, 2022 3 Channel digital video
Eli Klein Gallery Contact Gallery
Lina Bo Bardi - A Marvellous Entanglement by Isaac Julien contemporary artwork moving image
Isaac Julien Lina Bo Bardi - A Marvellous Entanglement, 2019 three screen installation, super high definition (4K), colour, 9.1 surround sound; 39 mins 8 secs
Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery Contact Gallery
Heartbeat: Frequenter by Xiaoyi Chen contemporary artwork moving image
Xiaoyi Chen Heartbeat: Frequenter, 2021 Infrared photography, video installation
A Thousand Plateaus Art Space Contact Gallery
Colony by Dor Guez contemporary artwork sculpture, moving image
Dor Guez Colony, 2021 Three channel video installation, 13 minutes and 10 seconds
Goodman Gallery Contact Gallery
Caecus Creaturae by Liu Yu contemporary artwork sculpture, moving image
Liu Yu Caecus Creaturae, 2019 Two-channel video installation (colour, stereo)
White Space Contact Gallery
Europa by Hans Schabus contemporary artwork moving image
Hans Schabus Europa, 2020-2021 Video
Galerie Krinzinger Contact Gallery
Smiling Rocking Horse - Special Edition by Yuan Goang-Ming contemporary artwork moving image
Yuan Goang-Ming Smiling Rocking Horse - Special Edition, 2011 Video installation, 48 minutes
25 x 17.4 cm
TKG+ Contact Gallery
cinema by Yuma Kishi(岸 裕真) contemporary artwork installation, mixed media, moving image
Yuma Kishi(岸 裕真) cinema, 2021 Fringe screen, two chairs, movie (digital data)
√K Contemporary Contact Gallery
Discussion Between Gentlemen by Bady Dalloul contemporary artwork moving image
Bady Dalloul Discussion Between Gentlemen, 2016 Video, 9 min 30 sec
Green Art Gallery Contact Gallery
DOKU - Digital Alaya by Lu Yang contemporary artwork moving image
Lu Yang DOKU - Digital Alaya, 2021 Single-channel video
Jane Lombard Gallery Contact Gallery
Wuhan Punk, 12’ by Chris Zhongtian Yuan contemporary artwork moving image
Chris Zhongtian Yuan Wuhan Punk, 12’, 2020 Single channel HD video (colour, sound), Chinese with English subtitles (Still image)
Tabula Rasa Gallery Enquire
Goodnight, see you later by So Yo Hen contemporary artwork moving image
So Yo Hen Goodnight, see you later, 2021 Single-channel video (colour with sound)
TKG+ Contact Gallery
Infinite Herbarium Morphosis #2 by Caroline Rothwell contemporary artwork moving image
Caroline Rothwell Infinite Herbarium Morphosis #2, 2021 Full HD single channel video, with sound, 28.35 minutes loop. Sound: Theodore Wohng. Made in collaboration with Google Creative Lab
Tolarno Galleries Contact Gallery
Two Track by Vito Acconci contemporary artwork moving image
Vito Acconci Two Track, 1971 Video
Galerie Krinzinger Contact Gallery
Party in the U$A by K8 Hardy contemporary artwork moving image
K8 Hardy Party in the U$A, 2021 Video, (colour, sound) 5:17 minutes
Hauser & Wirth Enquire
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