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LACMA Explores the Allure of Matter Ocula Report LACMA Explores the Allure of Matter 14 Jun 2019 : Jareh Das for Ocula

The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) (2 June 2019–5 January 2020) is an inter-generational show of 21 Chinese artists working from the 1980s to the present, including Ai Weiwei, Cai Guo-Qiang, Lin Tianmiao, Song Dong, He Xiangyu, Yin Xiuzhen, and Ma Qiusha.Staged on Level 2 of LACMA's Renzo...

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Thomas J Price: Reframing Classical Sculpture Ocula Conversation Thomas J Price: Reframing Classical Sculpture

When the London-born artist Thomas J Price graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Arts in 2004, the school's college art prize was by no means his most notable accomplishment as an emerging artist. In 2001, Price presented his much-talked-about work Licked, a daring performance, later profiled on the BBC 4 television...

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Art Basel Lowdown: Shows to See Ocula Report Art Basel Lowdown: Shows to See 6 Jun 2019 : Tessa Moldan for Ocula

To coincide with Art Basel 2019, which opens to the public from 13 to 16 June, galleries and institutions across the city are presenting a range of stellar exhibitions. From Rebecca Horn at Museum Tinguely to Geumhyung Jeong at Kunsthalle Basel, here is a selection of what to see.William Kentridge, Dead Remus (2014–2016). Charcoal on found ledger...

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The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial Keeps Up With The Zeitgeist Ocula Report The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial Keeps Up With The Zeitgeist 8 Dec 2018 : Susan Acret for Ocula

Looking through the windows that front Indonesian artist Aditya Novali's wall installation The Wall: Asian (Un)Real Estate Project (2011), a series of miniature apartments come into view: private interiors that are sometimes bland, strange or garish (Hello Kitty decor characterises one space, for example, while multiple Duchamp-like toilets appear...

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Patricia Piccinini Ocula Conversation Patricia Piccinini Artist

On the occasion of Patricia Piccinini's multisensory and epic retrospective, Curious Affection at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA, 24 March–5 August 2018), this interview covers Piccinini's meticulous and collaborative studio practice, and the role of narrative in her work. Curated by Peter McKay, the exhibition occupies the ground floor and...

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APT8: A fragmenting vision of the future Ocula Report APT8: A fragmenting vision of the future 14 Dec 2015 : Susan Acret for Ocula

It is 16 years since I last visited an Asia Pacific Triennial and it is heartening to see that although APT8 is a very different beast from the ground-breaking APTs of the 1990s, this edition has stayed true to the triennial’s philosophy of interacting with the region’s artists in a sustained and very localised way. When the APT was...

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Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh Ocula Conversation Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh Executive Directors, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Having held the dual role of co-directors of Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art (IMA) for almost two years, Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh have shaken up the city’s contemporary art landscape. The unprecedented formulation of a joint vocation of director and curator shared between two people saw two outsiders hailing from Canada and...

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Aaron Seeto Ocula Conversation Aaron Seeto Curatorial Manager of Asian and Pacific Art, QAGOMA

This month the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) in Brisbane, Australia, plays host to the 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT8). Renowned as a platform for surveying the vast geographic expanse of Asian and Pacific contemporary art, the triennial continues to uphold a long-term commitment to the region....

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Wang Gongxin Ocula Conversation Wang Gongxin Artist, China

The pioneering video works of Wang Gongxin heralded the rise of the video art movement in China, and he remains a force in Chinese contemporary art today.Born in Beijing in 1960, he belonged to the first generation of art students after the Cultural Revolution and trained as an oil painter in the Socialist-Realist style. In 1987 he was...

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Bruce Mclean Ocula Conversation Bruce Mclean Curator

Bruce McLean is Curator of Indigenous Australian Art at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. His latest exhibition My Country: I Still Call Australia Home is a collection of recent works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists that explore the divergent social and political voices of ‘Black’ Australia. While not all works...

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Cai Guo-Qiang Ocula Conversation Cai Guo-Qiang Artist, China

Cai Guo-Qiang was born in 1957 in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. He was a child during Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution and strongly influenced by society's vision for social utopia. Cai trained in stage design at the Shanghai Theatre Acadmey. He left China in 1986, spending almost 9 years as a young artist in...

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APT4 / Nalini Malani discusses her video installation ‘Remembering Toba Tek Singh’ Related Video & Audio APT4 / Nalini Malani discusses her video installation ‘Remembering Toba Tek Singh’ QAGOMA : 23 September 2018

Nalini Malani's ambitious video installation 'Remembering Toba Tek Singh' was made for the 16th World Wide Video Festival in The Netherlands and was shown in Mumbai at the Prince of Wales Museum in 1998. It was exhibited as part of 'Voiceovers' at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1999 and later at the Kwangju Biennale in South Korea.

Review: Dark Rooms - Women Directing the Lens 1978–98, Griffith University Art Museum Related Press Review: Dark Rooms - Women Directing the Lens 1978–98, Griffith University Art Museum Artshub : 1 August 2018

There is a feeling you sometimes get when you are witness to an important moment - a moment in history, a moment for change, an act of empowered voices. This exhibition captures one such moment.Dark Rooms: Women Directing the Lens 1978 - 98 has been curated by Naomi Evans for the Griffith University Art Museum, in Brisbane, and surveys a moment in...

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GOMA Finally Switches On its Massive James Turrell Light Installation Related Press GOMA Finally Switches On its Massive James Turrell Light Installation Broadsheet : 14 July 2018

The long-awaited James Turrell light installation has finally launched at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art.The gallery threw the switch on the Night Life 2018 last night. It will now illuminate the eastern and southern façades of GOMA every evening, with shifting patterns of coloured light from sunset to midnight.

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Review: Patricia Piccinini's Curious Affection at QAGOMA Related Press Review: Patricia Piccinini's Curious Affection at QAGOMA Artshub : 19 May 2018

When walking through Patricia Piccinini's exhibition Curious Affection with Curator Peter McKay, he commented: 'It's the biggest exhibition we've devoted to a single contemporary artist, and we've been trying to find a comparative exhibition of this scale that's been presented in Australia - I don't think there is one.'McKay is right. Piccinini's...

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“Dissonant Rhythms”: Australia’s Ross Manning Related Press “Dissonant Rhythms”: Australia’s Ross Manning Art Radar : 24 September 2017

Dissonant Rhythms is the first major exhibition of Brisbane-based artist Ross Manning, renowned for his exploration of repurposed, everyday materials, including ceiling fans, projectors and fluorescent tubes. His work is an intriguing interplay of light and sound, creating an atmosphere within the gallery that promotes self-play, introspection and...

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From Oyster Shells to Cardboard Bales, the Politics of Everyday Materials Related Press From Oyster Shells to Cardboard Bales, the Politics of Everyday Materials Hyperallergic : 6 July 2017

When co-curators Johan Lundt and Aileen Burns mined the Institute of Modern Art's archives, they found an access point to a pivotal time in Brisbane's material and political history in the 1986 exhibit Recession Art and Other Strategies. That show was created at time when there was very little market for Australian art, and the artists featured all...

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Holiday arts guide: What to see around Australia this summer Related Press Holiday arts guide: What to see around Australia this summer The Sydney Morning Herald : 28 December 2016

Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect With Everything, Museum of Contemporary Art, until March 5The Museum of Contemporary Art has bagged Japanese artist Tatsuo Miyajima's first major show in the Southern Hemisphere. The retrospective explores the concept of time and its passing, through room-size installations with sculptures, lighting, video performance and...

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Postcard from Brisbane
 Related Press Postcard from Brisbane
 Frieze : 27 September 2016

As I write this, I’m on a long-haul flight from London to Brisbane, the sub-tropical capital of the state of Queensland, Australia. I’ve grabbed a copy of The Wall Street Journal and flip to its global weather forecast. It kindly includes both Sydney and Melbourne – however, the space between Boston and Brussels gapes cruelly. For...

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