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Aesthetic Radicalism in 'Awakenings’ at Singapore’s National Gallery Ocula Report Aesthetic Radicalism in 'Awakenings’ at Singapore’s National Gallery 21 Jun 2019 : Sam Gaskin for Ocula

Awakenings: Art in Society in Asia 1960s–1990s, a major retrospective at Singapore's National Gallery (14 June–15 September 2019), opens emphatically in flames. At the exhibition's entrance, viewers encounter a wall-sized image from 1964 titled Burning Canvases Floating on the River. The photograph captures a performance by Lee, in which he took...

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Thomas J Price: Reframing Classical Sculpture Ocula Conversation Thomas J Price: Reframing Classical Sculpture

When the London-born artist Thomas J Price graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Arts in 2004, the school's college art prize was by no means his most notable accomplishment as an emerging artist. In 2001, Price presented his much-talked-about work Licked, a daring performance, later profiled on the BBC 4 television...

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'Sites Encountered': A Chorus of Five Artists at M+ Pavilion Ocula Report 'Sites Encountered': A Chorus of Five Artists at M+ Pavilion 21 Jun 2019 : Emily Verla Bovino for Ocula

Without punctuation, She Said Why Me, the title of May Fung's 1989 video presents itself as a statement, rather than a question. It suggests a subject who expects no response, a person prepared to make what she can from being chosen though perplexed by the attention. The video follows a blindfolded woman, then unmasked, through late colonial-era...

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Taipei Dangdai: Art Fair as Ecosystem Ocula Report Taipei Dangdai: Art Fair as Ecosystem 25 Jan 2019 : Stephanie Bailey for Ocula

There was a great connection between the first edition of Taipei Dangdai (18–20 January 2019), staged on the 4th floor of the Nangang Exhibition Center, and the 11th Taipei Biennial, Post Nature—A Museum as an Ecosystem (17 November 2018–10 March 2019). Installed at the fair's entrance was John Yuyi's live tree, I Tree to Call You (2018),...

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Magnus Renfrew Ocula Conversation Magnus Renfrew

Magnus Renfrew has twice been named by ArtReview as one of the 100 most influential figures in the international art world. In 2008, he came to prominence in Asia's art world and within the wider global scene when he was appointed founding director of Art HK. The fair was subsequently acquired by MCH Group and re-branded in 2013 under Renfrew's...

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Victoria Sin Ocula Conversation Victoria Sin

If a multiplicity of being can be truly embodied, Victoria Sin comes close. Sin's practice spans performance, moving image and writing, with the artist adopting personas in their work that are multiple, and thematics that are intersectional. With a master's in Print from the Royal College of Art, a programme that examines the digital circulation of...

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Taipei Dangdai Lowdown: Shows to See Ocula Report Taipei Dangdai Lowdown: Shows to See 11 Jan 2019 : Tessa Moldan for Ocula

Founded by the same team behind Art HK—Magnus Renfrew, Tim Etchells, Angus Montgomery, and Will Ramsay—Taipei Dangdai, opens to the public after much anticipation on 18 January 2019 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Running until 20 January, the fair will feature 90 galleries from around the world, including David Zwirner, Esther...

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11th Taipei Biennial: ‘creativity and crises’ Ocula Report 11th Taipei Biennial: ‘creativity and crises’ 21 Dec 2018 : Natalie King for Ocula

Stealthily installed in the basement of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum as part of Post Nature—A Museum as an Ecosystem, the 11th Taipei Biennial co-curated by Mali Wu and Francesco Manacorda (17 November 2018–10 March 2019), are Pteridophilia 1, 2, and 3 (2016–2018), an erotically charged series of videos by Beijing-born and Hong Kong-based...

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Art Taipei 2018: In Flux Ocula Report Art Taipei 2018: In Flux 10 Nov 2018 : Diana d’Arenberg for Ocula

'There is nothing more boring than the story of decline,' a journalist remarked at an art criticism panel I attended the evening before making the trip to see Art Taipei (26–29 October 2018). As I attended the opening night of Asia's oldest art fair, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, those words rang in my head. Wandering up and down...

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Charwei Tsai Ocula Conversation Charwei Tsai Artist

Taiwanese artist Charwei Tsai's memorising and compulsive writing of the Heart Sutra—a Buddhist scripture that distills the wisdom of impermanence—is at the heart of her practice. Over the past ten years, Tsai has moved from writing to drawing, photography, and film—a selection of which is being presented at the Centre for Chinese...

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Shows to See in Taipei: The Lowdown Ocula Report Shows to See in Taipei: The Lowdown 25 Oct 2018 : Tessa Moldan for Ocula

With the 11th Taipei Biennial (17 November 2018–10 March 2019) and Art Taipei (26–29 October 2018) taking place this autumn, Tessa Moldan gives a rundown of what exhibitions to see at galleries, art spaces and museums across the island nation's capital.Ma Paisui: Trips of LifeAsia Art Center Taipei II, 93 Lequn 2nd Rd, Zhongshan District25...

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Collect Wisely. Episode 14 - Budi Tek Related Video & Audio Collect Wisely. Episode 14 - Budi Tek Sean Kelly : 27 March 2019

In this episode we are in Taipei speaking with renowned collector and philanthropist Budi Tek, who has dedicated his collection of contemporary art to the rest of the world. Budi began collecting in 2004 and went on to build the Yuz Collection, which consists of contemporary art from the East and West, with a significant focus on Chinese...

Taipei Dangdai art fair sweeps into town Related Press Taipei Dangdai art fair sweeps into town Financial Times : 23 January 2019

Taiwan has just acquired its own, truly international art fair: Taipei Dangdai, which was launched with much hoop-la in the capital last week. City buses were plastered with the fair's geometric blue-and-orange logo; lead sponsor UBS was present with a smart lounge while sleek BMW limos ferried visitors to the rather industrial, but practical,...

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Will big names at Taipei Dangdai contemporary art fair be enough to lure dealers back to Taiwan? Related Press Will big names at Taipei Dangdai contemporary art fair be enough to lure dealers back to Taiwan? South China Morning Post : 4 January 2019

Suffering from post-holiday blues? Perhaps head over to Taipei and party on. The first edition of Taipei Dangdai opens in the middle of the month and it is shaping up to be the sort of champagne-guzzling jamboree that will make Art Basel regulars feel right at home.

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Art Basel owners exit ART SG but fair will still debut in 2019 with new backer Related Press Art Basel owners exit ART SG but fair will still debut in 2019 with new backer The Straits Times : 5 November 2018

SINGAPORE - One year before the debut of new art fair ART SG, one of the three partners in the venture, MCH Group, parent company of the famous Art Basel brand of art fairs, has exited the partnership.Taking its place is art-fair doyen Magnus Renfrew, co-owner and director of the new Taipei Dangdai fair in January.

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Magnus Renfrew on Taipei Dangdai Related Video & Audio Magnus Renfrew on Taipei Dangdai Artelligence Podcast : 29 October 2018

Magnus Renfrew launches his new fair Taipei Dangdai in Taiwan on January 18, 2019. The fair features 90 galleries from Asia, Europe and North America. Dealers David Zwirner, Thaddaeus Ropac, Edouard Malingue, Gagosian, Gallery Hyundai, Kukje, Lisson, Massimo de Carlo, Whitestone, White Cube, Tomio Koyama, Tang Contemporary, Spruth Mägers, Sadie...


On May 21, Taiwanese artist and filmmaker Chen Chieh-jen received the prestigious Artist of the Year honor at the Award of Art China (AAC) ceremony in Beijing. In its 12th year, AAC is an annual award founded by Chinese art media group Artron, recognizing the best of contemporary art within Greater China. Chen was presented with a trophy for his...

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Magnus Renfrew on launching an art fair in Taiwan Related Press Magnus Renfrew on launching an art fair in Taiwan Financial Times : 23 March 2018

Magnus Renfrew loves a challenge. As a student, he persuaded the art history department at the University of St Andrews in Scotland to mark him on an exhibition instead of a written dissertation for the first time in the university's history and ended up getting full marks. In 2006, the celebrated Shanghai-based gallerist Pearl Lam offered him a...

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NEWS Former Art Basel Hong Kong Director to Launch New Fair in Taipei Related Press NEWS Former Art Basel Hong Kong Director to Launch New Fair in Taipei ARTNEWS : 20 March 2018

Since being acquired by Art Basel seven years ago, Art HK (now called Art Basel Hong Kong, which opens next week) has become the premier art fair in Asia. Now Magnus Renfrew, the fair's former director, will launch a new event in Taipei. The first edition of Renfrew's new art fair, titled Taipei Dangdai, is set for January 2019, and UBS has made a...

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Recent Events

Contemporary art exhibition, Taipei Dangdai 2019 at Ocula Editions, Auckland
18–20 Jan 2019 Taipei Dangdai 2019
Contemporary art exhibition, Art Taipei at Ocula Editions, Auckland
30 Oct–2 Nov 2015 Art Taipei
Contemporary art exhibition, Art Taipei 2014 at Ocula Editions, Auckland
31 Oct–3 Nov 2014 Art Taipei 2014
Contemporary art exhibition, Art Taipei 2013 at Ocula Editions, Auckland
8–11 Nov 2013 Art Taipei 2013

About Taipei

The bustling city of Taipei has an equally lively art scene, made up of tremendous museums, galleries and non-profit spaces. The National Palace Museum sits at the helm with over 600,000 artefacts spanning 5,000 years of history. Originally founded in Beijing in 1925, the Museum was relocated to Taipei during the Chinese Civil War in 1948 to safeguard its collection, which includes the famous jade cabbage—a detailed reproduction of a Chinese cabbage head reputed to have been part of the dowry of the Guangxu Emperor's consort Jin Fei in the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911)—along with ancient objects that include Song dynasty paintings and calligraphy, ritual bronzes, ceramics, early printed books and more.

Founded in 1983, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum showcases artwork by Taiwanese and international artists from the 19th century to today, and acts as the host for one of the region's best-loved biennials: the Taipei Biennial. The Biennial was borne from two exhibition projects conceived by the Museum to celebrate contemporary art: Contemporary Art trends in the ROC and An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Sculpture in the Republic of China, held on alternating years between 1984 and 1991 until they were merged in 1992 to form the Biennial.

With a solid institutional backbone, the city is also home to over 30 galleries. These spaces move between supporting contemporary artists and showcasing modern masters, such as Asia Art Center, which represents Li Chen, Chu Weibor and Yang Chihung, among others. The artful balance between modern and contemporary is a defining characteristic of many of the city's galleries, including Tina Keng Gallery, which has been instrumental in forging the careers of many Asian masters, including Zao Wou-Ki, Sanyu, Lin Fengmian and Yun Gee. TKG+—the gallery's experimental sister space—continues this legacy by working with emerging artists and providing a platform for experimentation across different media.

Taipei's galleries and art spaces are spread across the city. Those looking to avoid travel can spend time in Huashan 1914 Creative Park, which possesses a similar structure to Beijing's 798 Art Zone. The complex originated in 1914 as a wine factory and camphor refinery. It was vacated in 1987 and artists advocated for it to be used as an art space in 1997. The red brick buildings now host a number of exhibitions throughout the year, interspersed with cafés and knick-knack shops.

The city's more experimental spaces include TheCube Project Space, located in an alleyway in the southern part of the city. Founded by independent curator Amy Cheng and music critic Jeph Lo, TheCube takes pride in being one of few art spaces in the city that has the capacity to organise 'quality international exhibitions on a non-profit basis'. As such, TheCube has become a site of lively cultural exchange—a position that has been harnessed by the city as a whole.

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