So Sorry, Fuck Off, 2013

Digital C-prints
Variable dimensions

An earlier version of these photographs were shown in a group exhibition responding to Ai Weiwei’s much publicized incarceration in 2011. They are basically close-up shots of letters taken from the entrance signage to a local PRC ministry office. From these it was possible to spell out the titles of two well known exhibitions by Ai Weiwei. Given the current context of this exhibition (with Ai Weiwei as curator) it seemed appropriate to pull this work out again, although I have made a number of revisions to reflect the new situation. The mainland Chinese tourists depicted in the establishing shot were not in the original work. They had seen me taking photos outside the ministry that day and asked if I could take one of them in front of the entrance for keepsake. Nor was the original work blacked-out either. Whereas previously the urgency of the situation required a direct statement, this time round I was compelled to approach the subject in a more oblique manner. I’ll leave it to the reader to fill in the blanks.
Not for sale

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