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Each artist has their own curated exhibition on the slick new website, which seeks to build their profiles abroad.

Manifold Champions 25 Emerging Korean Artists Online

Suniy Im, A Rusty Word (2019). Chandeliers, fibre-reinforced plastics, salt, dimming lights. Dimensions variable.

A new online platform for discovering emerging Korean artists has been launched by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) with funding from Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Manifold gathers together works by 25 emerging artists, including Sangyoon Yoon, Sanghoon Ahn, and Jeong-ju Jeong. Each artist's work is presented by their gallery in a separate exhibition zone. These mini-exhibitions are supported with essays introducing the artists' practice.

'Just as the word "manifold" can mean multiform or diversified, Manifold encompasses both the independent exhibition spaces containing the various worlds of each artist, as well as the overall field of contemporary art itself, with its vast network of different artists,' said the platform's artistic director, Professor Jinsang Yoo from Kaywon University of Art & Design.

Yoo chose the overarching exhibition theme, selected the works for each artist, and curated all 25 solo shows on Manifold.

In addition to helping artists gain recognition abroad, Manifold seeks to bring attention to some of Korea's up and coming galleries. Eleven are currently featured on the site, including SPACE SO, Gallery Chosun, and ThisWeekendRoom.

KAMS, a government-run art foundation founded in 2006, plans to continue building Manifold in future, adding around 20 new artists each year.

'We hope that Manifold will become an integral platform for revitalising the overseas expansion of Korean art,' said KAMS' president Do-il Kim. —[O]

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