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Preeminent Scottish artist, Claire Barclay, is one of her generation's foremost sculptors. Her practice explores formal and conceptual concerns through both large and smaller scale installations. One of the key influences in her working practice, is an ongoing fascination with historical and anthropological artefacts, ambiguous objects that spark a curiosity as to their uses and meanings.

Image: Claire Barclay, Longing Lasting, at Stephen Friedman Gallery, London. 

On the occasion of her recent solo exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery in London, Claire Barclay spoke with Paul Hobson, Director of Modern Art Oxford about her new work. Pivoted on themes of continuity, need, and desire, the show called Longing Lasting, combines interventionist sculpture and print works and demonstrates Barclay's belief that making is both a physical and a conceptual act inviting both an instinctive and visceral response.


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