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Lee Bul: Utopia Saved

Lee Bul's first solo exhibition in Russia, Utopia Saved (13 November 2020–31 January 2021), is held at St. Petersburg's Manege Central Exhibition Hall. Curated by Sunjung Kim and SooJin Lee, the show brings together environmental installations, architectural sculptures, and design drawings created since 2005.

Lee Bul: Utopia Saved

Lee Bul, Utopia Saved, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg (13 November 2020–31 January 2021). Courtesy Manege Central Exhibition Hall. Photo: Vasily Bulanov.

Ocula Feature Lee Bul's Utopian Encounters with the Russian Avantgarde By Stephanie Bailey, St. Petersburg

Lee Bul's first solo in Russia is a first-time encounter between the artist's works and those of the Russian avantgarde.

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Artist Profile Lee Bul

Provocative and inventive, Lee Bul (이불) is one of the leading Korean artists of her generation. Working across performance, sculpture, painting, installation and video, she is most known for her monstrous sculptures, cyborgs, and utopian landscapes.

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