Bringing influential galleries and perceptive collectors together with a shared passion for contemporary art.

The Ocula Network

Ocula delivers comprehensive access to the programs of leading contemporary art galleries worldwide and focused content with a fresh perspective from Asia Pacific. To date Ocula has formed partnerships with over 180 leading galleries worldwide who benefit from our online platform and its unique mix of benefits.

Ocula's Audience

Ocula is the most visited contemporary art platform in the Asia Pacific region. It not only engages with collectors who use Ocula to discover and research artists and artworks, but also with influential art world professionals and sophisticated visitors.

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50% Visitation from
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Visibility on Ocula

Ocula gallery network partners aren't lost in a distracting crowd of hundreds of generic galleries, or competing with online auctions and price lists. Ocula is solely dedicated to contemporary art galleries in the primary market.

Our compelling content, along with e-newsletters and engaged social media, drives attention to our gallery partners. Amplified by year-round search engine marketing and optimisation campaigns that deliver readership and circulation results well beyond any art magazine.

“Ocula goes beyond "information" and provides excellent content and reliable insight into one of the most complex and least transparent markets. Ocula generates a new audience for galleries and brings the two ends - the supply and the demand side together - out of the virtual, and into the concrete.”

Matthias Arndt, ARNDT Berlin/Singapore

Ocula's Design & Tools

Ocula users can access interactive tools to follow galleries and artists, save and share artworks and send enquiries direct to our gallery partners. Ocula's mobile and tablet enabled design ensures a gallery's programme and content can be easily accessed from any device.

Content on Ocula

Ocula is acclaimed for its Conversations featuring perceptive interviews with artists, gallerists, collectors and curators around the globe. Similarly our Reports deliver in-depth analysis of important events and exhibitions. Importantly when articles published on Ocula refer to a gallery partner's program and artists, then relevant elements from the gallery's profile on Ocula display as related content.

Service and Value

Ocula uploads all text and images for our gallery network partners at no extra charge. Ocula does not increase your staff workload. However if a gallery wants to upload its own artworks and content then Ocula's bespoke CMS, My Gallery, makes it easy. What's more the cost of an Ocula gallery network partnership is very competitive.

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