Jordan Casteel Awarded McArthur Genius Grant
30 September 2021
Jordan Casteel Awarded McArthur Genius Grant 1
Jordan Casteel, Medinilla, Wanda and Annelise (2019). Oil on canvas. 243.84 x 198.12 cm. Courtesy Casey Kaplan.
Jordan Casteel Awarded McArthur Genius Grant 2
Jordan Casteel. Courtesy Vogue. Photo: Tyler Mitchell.

Painter Jordan Casteel has been awarded the highly coveted MacArthur 'Genius Grant'. ⁠⁠

Awarded annually by the Chicago-based MacArthur Foundation, the grant recognises the far-reaching influence of its 25 recipients, of which Casteel is the youngest.⁠⁠

Painting intimate portraits of friends, family, or strangers in her Harlem community, Casteel has been heralded for her vibrant and honest evocations of underrepresented subjects. ⁠⁠

Since receiving her MFA from Yale School of Art in 2014, Casteel's paintings have graced the walls of art institutions worldwide, including a 2020 solo show at the New Museum, New York. Last year, the artist was also commissioned to paint a portrait of designer and activist Aurora James for Vogue's September issue.⁠⁠

On receiving the prize, Casteel took to Instagram to voice her reaction to the news, expressing, 'It genuinely stopped me in my tracks—laid me flat—had me confused—and brought me to tears'.

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