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GALLERY2 contemporary art gallery in Seoul, South Korea
GALLERY2 Jeju, Seoul
WORKPLACE contemporary art gallery in London, United Kingdom
Yavuz Gallery contemporary art gallery in Singapore
Yavuz Gallery Singapore, Sydney
Lisson Gallery contemporary art gallery in Lisson Street, London, United Kingdom
Lisson Gallery East Hampton, London, New York, Shanghai
LGDR contemporary art gallery in New York Madison, USA
LGDR Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris

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Laundry, Rainy and Tango by Kitti Narod contemporary artwork painting
Kitti Narod Laundry, Rainy and Tango, 2022 Acrylic on canvas
160 x 140 cm
Tang Contemporary Art Contact Gallery
Mental Image by Chen Shuxia contemporary artwork painting
Chen Shuxia Mental Image, 2022 Oil on canvas
183 x 308 cm
Asia Art Center Contact Gallery
Place Vendôme 1 by Christoph Sillem contemporary artwork photography, print
Christoph Sillem Place Vendôme 1, 2020 Archival pigment print, mounted and framed
Galerie—Peter—Sillem Contact Gallery
Pneumathophore #5 by Dana-Fiona Armour contemporary artwork sculpture
Dana-Fiona Armour Pneumathophore #5, 2022 Glass, melanin, oxides, and metallic salts
25 x 22 x 94 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
Wood Horse for Comfort by Kaito Itsuki contemporary artwork painting
Kaito Itsuki Wood Horse for Comfort, 2020 Oil and charcoal on canvas
100 x 65.5 cm
Tang Contemporary Art Contact Gallery
Draeger, un merveilleux Ambassadeur by Kees Van Dongen contemporary artwork painting
Kees Van Dongen Draeger, un merveilleux Ambassadeur, 1924 Watercolor and gouache on paper
60.4 x 47.7 cm
Helene Bailly Gallery Contact Gallery
We are the robots by Lorna Robertson contemporary artwork painting, works on paper
Lorna Robertson We are the robots, 2022 Oil on canvas
256 x 246 cm
Ingleby Contact Gallery
NoNoseKnows (Video Still) by Mika Rottenberg contemporary artwork sculpture, moving image
Mika Rottenberg NoNoseKnows (Video Still), 2015 Single-channel video installation, sound, colour
Hauser & Wirth Enquire
Prosperity by Ji Zhou contemporary artwork photography, print
Ji Zhou Prosperity, 2021 Archival pigment print
150 x 150 cm
Eli Klein Gallery Contact Gallery
Pink Ash, Autumn Light by A.J. Taylor contemporary artwork painting
A.J. Taylor Pink Ash, Autumn Light, 2022 Oil on board
107 x 107 cm
Martin Browne Contemporary Enquire
Untitled by Dylan Maquet contemporary artwork sculpture
Dylan Maquet Untitled, 2022 Steel, wax, flowers, and pigment
40 x 30 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
In the Loop by Kathryn MacNaughton contemporary artwork painting
Kathryn MacNaughton In the Loop, 2022 Acrylic on canvas
129.9 x 100 cm
Hollis Taggart Contact Gallery
竹蜻蜓 Bamboo-copter by Rao Weiyi contemporary artwork painting
Rao Weiyi 竹蜻蜓 Bamboo-copter, 2021 Acrylic on canvas
50 x 60 cm
A Thousand Plateaus Art Space Contact Gallery
Beautify by Sevina Tzanou contemporary artwork painting
Sevina Tzanou Beautify, 2022 Oil and spray paint on cotton
80 x 60 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
单曲循环 Single Cycle by Rao Weiyi contemporary artwork painting
Rao Weiyi 单曲循环 Single Cycle, 2021 Acrylic on canvas, sand
160 x 160 cm
A Thousand Plateaus Art Space Contact Gallery
Cristo III by Oswaldo Vigas contemporary artwork painting, works on paper
Oswaldo Vigas Cristo III, 1972 Oil on canvas
130 x 81 cm
Galeria RGR Contact Gallery
Le Cannet, grand nu, Marinette by Henri Lebasque contemporary artwork painting, works on paper
Henri Lebasque Le Cannet, grand nu, Marinette, 1934 Oil on canvas
73.3 x 92.2 cm
Helene Bailly Gallery Contact Gallery
Untitled by Eva Schlegel contemporary artwork sculpture
Eva Schlegel Untitled, 2021 Steel, steel cable
154 x 147 x 153 cm
Galerie Krinzinger Contact Gallery
Holy Egg (White) by Gavin Turk contemporary artwork painting
Gavin Turk Holy Egg (White), 2022 Acrylic paint on canvas
58 x 41.5 x 4 cm
Reflex Amsterdam Contact Gallery
Loved You All a Long While (VII) by Rosie Mudge contemporary artwork painting, works on paper
Rosie Mudge Loved You All a Long While (VII), 2022 Automotive Paint and Glitter Glue on Paper
45 x 32 cm
SMAC Gallery Contact Gallery
Mindcrash Village 1 by Atreyu Moniaga contemporary artwork painting, works on paper
Atreyu Moniaga Mindcrash Village 1, 2022 Watercolour on paper
90 x 70 cm
Baik Art Contact Gallery
Fold over Black by Walker Brengel contemporary artwork painting
Walker Brengel Fold over Black, 2017 Oil and alkyd on canvas
135 x 135 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
Spectacle by Fay Ku contemporary artwork painting, mixed media
Fay Ku Spectacle, 2015 Mixed media on layered and cut sheets of mylar
76 x 107 cm
Karin Weber Gallery Contact Gallery
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