Curated Selections

We invite leading experts from the art world to curate a selection of artworks from our gallery platform. Gain an insight into their taste and expertise, whilst discovering new artists for your collection.

Chiara Casolo Ginelli Curated Selection Chiara Casolo Ginelli 6 July 2022

Materials and patterns from nature are among the qualities that Italian collector Chiara Casolo Ginelli is drawn to in art.

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Che Xuanqiao Curated Selection Che Xuanqiao 23 June 2022

Collector Che Xuanqiao, founder of Macalline Art Center, shares her artwork selections.

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Tristan Hoare Curated Selection Tristan Hoare 8 June 2022

Tristan Hoare shares the many interests and influences that define his collection and eponymous gallery.

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Ding Yixiao Curated Selection Ding Yixiao 6 June 2022

Born in 1994, Ding Yixiao is one of the youngest owners of a private museum in China.

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Vicky Chen Curated Selection Vicky Chen 17 May 2022

Taipei-based collector and founder of TAO ART, Vicky Chen combines an inherited interest in antiques with contemporary art.

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Roshini Vadehra Curated Selection Roshini Vadehra 20 April 2022

Vadehra Art Gallery director Roshini Vadehra shares her thoughts on collecting in India alongside a selection of her favourite works on Ocula.

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Gil Bronner Curated Selection Gil Bronner 3 March 2022

Philara Collection founder Gil Bronner shares his favourite works showing at artgenève.

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Milo Astaire Curated Selection Milo Astaire 20 January 2022

Milo Astaire, whose gallery The Artist Room has just opened in London, shares his favourite works on view on Ocula.

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Sozita Goudouna Curated Selection Sozita Goudouna 18 November 2021

Curator and professor Sozita Goudouna, founder of cross-cultural platform Greece in USA, shares her favourite works on Ocula.

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Hervé Mikaeloff Curated Selection Hervé Mikaeloff 4 November 2021

Independent art consultant and curator Hervé Mikaeloff selects his favourite works showing at Asia Now.

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Jam Acuzar Curated Selection Jam Acuzar 20 September 2021

Founder of Bellas Artes Projects, Jam Acuzar shares her favourite works on view on Ocula.

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Romina Polley: Collecting Conceptual Art Curated Selection Romina Polley: Collecting Conceptual Art 10 June 2021

The collection of Cologne-based lawyer Romina Polley pairs intellectual curiosity with a sense of humour.

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Bianca Chu Curated Selection Bianca Chu 29 March 2021

Bianca Chu selects works that reflect her interest in art that extends beyond the visual realm.

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Filipe da Costa Leite Curated Selection Filipe da Costa Leite 27 January 2021

Filipe da Costa Leite curates a selection of artworks from Ocula's gallery platform, providing an insight into his collecting habits.

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Shelby Jackson Curated Selection Shelby Jackson 20 November 2020

New York-based Shelby Jackson fits firmly into the category of artist's dealer.

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