Takesada Matsutani at FIAC
Takesada Matsutani at FIAC

Takesada Matsutani, Point de Contact 65-12 (1986). Vinyl adhesive, acrylic and graphite on paper mounted on canvas. 162 x 130 cm. © Takesada Matsutani. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Thomas Barratt.

This beautiful 1986 painting by Takesada Matsutani, a Japanese artist from the Gutai group, featured in Hauser & Wirth's FIAC OVR.

Incorporating vinyl adhesive to create tactile and curvaceous forms protruding from the canvas, Matsutani's painting expands the possibilities of surface, whilst remaining tightly bound to the colour black, except for a deliciously deep blue emerging from underneath.

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