Summer Solos by Andrew Cranston and Mimi Lauter Steal the Show
New York, 21 July 2021
Andrew Cranston, Deja vu (2021). Rabbit skin glue and pigment on canvas, 230 x 200 cm. Courtesy Karma Gallery, New York. 
Mimi Lauter, Consequential Landscape (2020). Oil, pastel, soft pastel on paper, 158.4 x 193.4 cm⁠⁠. Courtesy Mendes Wood DM, Brussels.

We love these two works by Glasgow-based Andrew Cranston and LA-based Mimi Lauter who both have solo shows at New York's Karma gallery and Brussel's Mendes Wood DM's space respectively this summer. ⁠⁠

The first, entitled Deja vu (2021), is Cranston''s brilliant large-scale landscape. First dyed with pigment, then bleached, his canvases are filled with beautiful figurative vignettes of dappled, dream-like scenes. ⁠⁠

The second is Lauter''s surreal oil and soft pastel on paper work. Like Cranston, her works are full of iridescent colour, inspired by the natural world around her, which she treats as an almost theatrical space to present her vivid, liminal universe. ⁠⁠

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