b. 1983, USA

Amir Nikravan Biography

Amir Nikravan’s practice deliberately exposes his process-driven approach to producing work.  Utilising elementary materials such as asphalt, cement, color, and stone, he fuses the logic of painting, photography, and sculpture onto one deceptively flat monochromatic plane. Using negative space to create a positive representation of an image or object, he produces photorealistic ‘still life’ paintings of paintings that ultimately question the legacy of art and objecthood.

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His works evince the gap between image and experience, making explicit the disconnect between sight and touch, absence and presence, desire and possession. Materials are built up in layers until a temporary sculpture emerges. Fabric is then applied through a vacuform process so that a three-dimensional shape remains imprinted on the surface. Thus, the textile forever depicts the imperfections of the original materials and subsequent layers of spray paint that a positive form once the air is removed. Once the fabric is mounted and stretched, the initial roughness is transformed into a perfectly rendered image of an imperfect surface.

Amir Nikravan has presented exhibitions of his work at ABC Berlin, Berlin, Germany; Luce Gallery, Turin, Italy; Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy; Greene Exhibitions, Los Angeles, USA; Pepin Moore, Los Angeles, USA; Jessica Silverman, San Francisco, USA; Contemporary Arts Center, Irvine, USA; Workspace @ Art Platform LA, Los Angeles, USA; Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, USA and Infernoesque, Berlin, Germany.

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