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United Kingdom

Annie Aitken Biography

The process of making art for Annie Aitken is one of discovery. Working to create what she calls “three dimensional drawings”, this work is first and foremost an expression of the joy of creation – of seeing the way in which disparate elements brought together can make something new.

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Aitken is a self-confessed bower-bird and aficionado of reverse garbage depots, who works instinctively in response to found materials and the possibilities they suggest. Through a kind of alchemy, salvaged and reclaimed threads are untangled, unwound and woven into new contexts to reveal their latent aesthetic potential.

Such work speaks of the way in which the material world, although seemingly neutral and inert, still communicates directly with our senses.  In the hands of this artist, these delicate constructions of fine threads seem naturally to assume the forms of fragile containers that hold traceries of the past for our nostalgic contemplation. 

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