b. 1977, China

Wu Chao Biography

Wu Chao was born in 1977 in Sichuan, China.She graduated from the master's program of the National School of Art and Design of Nancy, France. Now, she lives and works in Guangzhou, China. Wu always focuses on the status of life ontology, as she tries to find the connection and tension between our spirit and daily moments. She uses different approaches that include hand-painted animation, video, installation, field trips and interdisciplinary cooperation to complete and exhibit her artworks. In the past few years, her works have gained extensive attention in the contemporary new media art domain. She has also been awarded with prizes from experimental film festivals several times in both China and abroad. In addition, she has participated in many important contemporary art exhibitions in China and worldwide.

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Her Vegetative Being Art Awakening Project, a project aimed at the study of life ontology, tries to awake vegetative beings through her artworks with the cooperation of neurology, psychology, Buddhist principles, and more disciplines. Wu has also made great achievements in the experimental animation domain. She uses visual and audio language to build a theatre that is functional for all audiences, as she aims to provide an immersive experience. Since 2018, Wu initiated the project Unity of the Study of Vitality. She started to advance the interdisciplinary collaboration to ease the pain and burden of diseases and explore the unity of civilisation. Important group exhibitions in which she has participated include _Now—A Dialogue on Female Chinese Contemporary Artists _(2018), Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, UK; _Turning Point—Contemporary Art in China Since 2000 _(2016), Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China; and _Neo-Perception—China's New Generation of Women Artists _(2015), Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai, China. Her awards include the Grand Jury Prize from the Huayu Youth Awards(2014); the Best Experimental Film Award from the 10th Beijing Independent Film Festival (2013); a multimedia award from the Chinese Independent Animation Forum (2013),and a special nomination prize from the Czech Animation Festival (2012). Wu has held the posts of the final judge of the Annecy International Animation Festival (2017) and the final judge of the NetherlandsInternational Animation Festival (2015).

Wu Chao Featured Artworks

Dust of Memories-Noon by Wu Chao contemporary artwork moving image
Wu Chao Dust of Memories-Noon, 2017 Video
Pearl Lam Galleries Contact Gallery
Dust of Memories-Morning by Wu Chao contemporary artwork moving image
Wu Chao Dust of Memories-Morning, 2017 Video
Pearl Lam Galleries Contact Gallery

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