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Elie Borgrave Biography

Elie Borgrave (Brussels 1905-1992) is a Belgian abstract artist, active since the 1940s. Our exhibition focuses on the artist's most productive period, the period of maturity from 1962, when he settled permanently in his minimalist studio in Zuidzande, the Netherlands, near Knokke-le-Zoute. After many travels since his youth and a family accomplishment, Elie Borgrave finds calm and a new breath of inspiration in the Dutch countryside.

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Borgrave's painting of the 1960s to 1990s is oriented towards a search for a minimalist and kinetic aesthetic around the sign. His approach becomes very spiritual with the aim of finding appeasement and fullness. The notions of silence and time become fundamental. Borgrave's painting then seeks a balance based on the complementarity of opposites, such as the confrontation between full and empty, smooth and shiny or matte and granular pigments, angular or undulating forms. This new balance is based on his interest in oriental Zen, even Buddhist, thought.

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