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b. 1975, France

Elsa Sahal Biography

Sahal's oeuvre and its forms are in fact in accordance with the idea of a primitive chaos that existed before the world was arranged into fixed categories. Her work establishes an era in which a tired and toxic masculinity gives way to other forms of being in the world. For her, a human being is neither man nor woman, but rather a spectrum leading to an utopian new world where the binaries underpinning modern Western philosophy (human/non-human, masculine/feminine, body/spirit, interior/exterior) are no longer relevant. Elsa Sahal prefers entities that are tired, lying down, and influenced by their environment (whether this is the marine world in her Fontaine ), or even baby pink, the color of girlhood in our globalized Western culture). The sculpture, an organ in decay, metamorphoses and reveals itself as unstable as flowing lava. The theme of the mutant body, which stretches, produces and ejects new forms, is notably addressed in a sculpture by the artist on the subject of maternity (Grotte généalogique, Geealogical Cave, 2006).

Elsa Sahal Featured Artworks

Versatile Bella Shy by Elsa Sahal contemporary artwork sculpture
Elsa Sahal Versatile Bella Shy, 2021 glazed ceramic
37 x 30 x 20 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
Petit Futuriste by Elsa Sahal contemporary artwork sculpture
Elsa Sahal Petit Futuriste, 2003 Glazed ceramic
80 x 50 x 25 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
Whispering hands by Elsa Sahal contemporary artwork sculpture
Elsa Sahal Whispering hands, 2021 Ceramic
77 x 85 x 85 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
Aliénor by Elsa Sahal contemporary artwork sculpture
Elsa Sahal Aliénor, 2021 glazed ceramic
98 x 36 x 34 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery

Elsa Sahal Recent Exhibitions

Elsa Sahal Represented By

SETAREH contemporary art gallery in Düsseldorf, Germany
SETAREH Berlin, Düsseldorf

Elsa Sahal In Video & Audio

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