b. 1936, Germany

Fritz Klingbeil Biography

The work of Fritz Klingbeil, born in Berlin in 1936, lives through the charm of newly found orders. In it unfold free spaces and playful freedoms, which are by no means arbitrary, but consistently follow a constructive logic. Like building blocks, the artistic elements enter into connections and dissolve them again, they are multiplied or appear individually. In their size, they seem scalable. They are surrounded by white space, white spaces and walls.

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(From the essay of Dr. Almut Weinland, IN: Fritz Klingbeil: konsequent konstruktiv, Werke aus sechs Jahrzehnten. Hamburg 2017.)

Fritz Klingbeil Featured Artworks

B by Fritz Klingbeil contemporary artwork painting
Fritz Klingbeil B, 1979 Oil on canvas
74 x 67 cm
Galerie Albrecht Contact Gallery

Fritz Klingbeil Recent Exhibitions

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