b. 1987, China

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Ji Jun graduated from the Department of Visual Communication of Shanghai Institute of Design at the China Academy of Art, and received his master's degree in 2013 from the Department of Plastic Arts of the Chinesisch-Deutsche Kunstakademie of China Academy of Art. He currently lives and works in Hangzhou.

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Ji Jun's work often concerns his personal experiences. Using art as his medium, he aims to actualise emotions and sensations that are only present under certain time and space into tangible forms, and hopes that viewers will in turn experience a multitude of emotions. Ji Jun does not create actual imagery but rather construct an overall atmosphere where viewers find their past memories synchronize with his artwork. Indeed, 'past' cannot recur, neither is it the artist's intention. Ji Jun is instead 'recreating' collective memories, utilising them to stimulate and excite viewers' emotions in order to provoke futher sensory experiences. Therefore, Ji Jun's work not only records memories, it also recreates memories.

Text courtesy A2Z Art Gallery.

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Building 2 by Ji Jun contemporary artwork photography
Ji Jun Building 2, 2015 Art giclee print on paper
120 x 80 cm
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