b. 1986, Japan

Kosuke Biography

'It is the existence of innovators and creators of the past that allows me to produce works today. Previous works and their interpretation inform the works of any given period including the current one. Today, we have access to wonderful works of the past and we can learn much from the artists that made the works. I believe it is important to know about works of the past. In principle, I respect all of the artists that I have studied, but Man Ray, Mario Giacomelli, and André Kertész's works have been especially influential on my work. I am strongly drawn to the unique atmosphere of their works. I also feel that it is important to study the works, concepts, sensibilities, and methods of contemporary artists. My aim is to add my unique perspectives and sensibilities to works derived from other works. To do so, I believe it is important to preserve photography's essential beauty, character and dignity.'-Kosuke

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The 1986 born artist Kosuke graduated from the Photography department at Tokyo Polytechnic University in 2009. A year before he won the Konica Minolta Foto Premio Prize in 2008 and therefore had a solo exhibition at the Konica Minolta Plaza in Tokyo.

In these multi-exposure works, the technique of multi-exposure is unimportant for the artist. Multi-exposure is simply a means to the ends of producing images marked by his unique sensibility and atmosphere. This 'WARNING' turns into a unique world when he imbue the images he shot on film with emotions in the darkroom.

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