b. 1979, South Korea

Kyoung-Jae Cho Biography

Kyoung-Jae Cho is an emerging photographer, crossing the field of photography and painting. Visual distortion created by the artist creates illusion of three-dimensional, and the work deals with a theme of reality and virtual reality.

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Cho observes objects through photographs. He photographs everyday objects by choosing a space to install the objects first, then composing them intuitively and spontaneously. Cho does not alter photographs using the technology. He himself composes and paints the objects, if needed. The unique geometric space with intertwine objects, which has been created by the artist constantly observing objects with their compositions, presents unconventional visual impacts. The photographed objects lose their original functions, thus only forms and colorful harmony are accentuated. In this process, the artist consistently makes rational decisions, and he gets to rigorously explore the aesthetic quality. 

“What to do is more critical than what to say in my work. In order to do such works, act of repetition is required. I do it first and repeat the action again and again. By doing continuous selection, works are spontaneously changed into unexpected way. Instead of making the viewer understand the meaning of my works, I want the audience view pure aesthetic components pleasantly.” 

 - Kyoung-Jae Cho

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