(1921 – 1995), China

Lalan Artworks

Lalan's early paintings reflect her interest in Art Informel and her passion for music and dancing with their use of rhythm, gestural calligraphy, and bodily symbolism. She often used saturated coloured and combined spray paint with gestural brush application.

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In the 1970s Lalan was inspired by Taoist philosophy and the traditional Chinese painting of the Song and Yuan dynasties. Her work became lighter, more intricate, softer, atmospheric, and understated, and at the Galeries Jacques Desbrières and Iris Clert she presented her paintings as backdrops for choreographed dance performances accompanied by her electronic music.


In the 1980s the artist and her husband moved to Bormes-les-Mimosas in southern France, where she concentrated on her painting. In 1995 she made a film on solo dance entitled Dance of Qidong, blending Chinese culture with modernist dance movements, meditation, and breathing exercises. A week later she died tragically in a car accident.

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Untitled by Lalan contemporary artwork painting, works on paper, print
Lalan Untitled, 1984–1986 Mixed media on paper
49 x 64 cm
Asia Art Archive
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