b. 1983

Sarah Lai Biography

Sarah Lai is a young painter based in Hong Kong . She received her BA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2007 and was the winner of the Grotto Fine Art Award. Despite her young age, Lai is a competent painter who possesses skills and repertoire of an established master. Using earthy tone and pastel hues, her beautiful paintings depict nature from a new perspective. Diluted hues give her work an uncanny sense of quietness similar to that of David Hockney, while the composition takes on a dreamlike atmosphere. A lonely mountain, a swelling wave, or a cloudy sky all become poetic anecdote that transcend time and space. Simple in composition but rich in expression, Lai's painting, like an old photograph, successfully captures a moment of our life when time stood still and nature took hold. 

Sarah Lai Recent Exhibitions

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